39 thoughts on “‘Spillyear 2010

  1. Any year that has a Joanna Newsom triple album in it is alright by me.

    I’m going to choose Good Intentions Paving Company to kick off the playlist, plus two of my Festive ‘Spill choices – The Mermaid Parade by Phosphorescent and England by The National.

  2. Little bit of everything this year. (And a lot of shite out there too.)

    Ty Segall – My Sunshine
    Black Keys – Next Girl
    Laura Marling – Goodbye England (Covered in Snow)

  3. Looking at various lists of singles, tracks and albums of 2010 I don’t seem to have been there. For the second time I can come up with two definite choices from my iTunes library but I’m stuck for a third. Anyway – so far…

    Good Shoes – City By the Sea
    Lucinda Belle Orchestra – Northern Lights

  4. A happy year in which we were blissfully unaware that the next would be a tough one, which is how it should be. The children were five and three years old, and we could afford a week in Whitby that summer.

    Corinne Bailey Rae – I’d Do It All Again
    Written after a row with her husband, recorded after he died. I think a few ‘Spillers were surprised by the power of this when I sent it in as an Earworm a while back. I think she has a new album out soon.

    Billy Jenkins – I Am A Man From Lewisham
    A solo rendition of the title track from his 2010 album.

          • I haven’t enjoyed them lately. I hoped last week that Savages would be good, but found them less impressive than usual and most of the other stuff is just “meh” as I believe the young people say.

  5. I spent about a third of 2010 commuting between Bristol and Copenhagen for work reasons. That effectively meant that I was listening to whatever was loaded onto my MP3 player at the time. Most of it was old stuff. I did find time to buy some new albums though. The trusty spreadsheet informs me that I bought;

    GorillazPlastic Beach
    Jimi HendrixValleys of Neptune
    GrindermanGrinderman 2
    Best CoastCrazy For You
    Isobel Campbell and Mark LaneganHawk
    Robert PlantBand Of Joy
    WarpaintThe Fool
    Robert Fripp and Theo TravisLive in Coventry Cathedral

    I wish that I’d bought John Grant‘s Queen of Denmark, but I didn’t even know it existed back then.

    Looking back, my Festive ‘Spill tracks for 2010 were;

    Robert Plant – Silver Rider
    Warpaint – Majesty
    Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan – Come Undone

    Do I want to change them? Frankly, I don’t know. No, I won’t. Let’s stick with those.

  6. The Promise – Bruce Springsteen ( finally released after 32 years !)
    I Want the World to Stop – Belle and Sebastian
    Crossed Wires – Superchunk

  7. It was a very good year for pop. Forced to choose three I’ve gone for
    1. If It’s Good For Me – Stars and Sons
    2. Photoshop Handsome – Everything Everything
    3. Go Do – Jonsí

    I also loved or liked very much the following, with apologies for the list :
    the Four Tet LP There Is Love In You, the Kanye West LP My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, the Magnetic Man LP Magnetic Man, the NaS & Damian Marley LP Distant Relative, the Robyn LP Body Talk, the Rumer LP Seasons Of My Soul, the Sia LP We Are Born, the Stromae LP Cheese, the Vampire Weekend LP Contra, the John Grant LP Queen Of Denmark, the Janelle Monae LP Archandroid, the Horsepower Productions LP Quest For The Sonic Bounty, the Flying Lotus LP Cosmogramm, the Field Music LP Field Music, the Esperanza Spalding LP Chamber Music Society, the Konono No. 1 LP Assume Crash Position, the Klashnekoff LP Back To The Sagas, John Legend & The Roots LP Wake UP!, the Elvis Costello LP National Ransom, the Devlin LP Bud, Sweat and Beers, the Darkstar LP North, the Dan Le Sac v Scroobius Pip LP The Logic Of Chance, the Brian Wilson LP Gershwin, and the Black Coffee LP Homebrewed from South Africa.

    Arcade Fire made a record too. and Ben Folds made his first genuine stinker with Nick Hornby.

  8. Not a particular;y good year, I was in the process of losing my job and everything was being dragged out; much uncertainty and frustration. Anyway, some of the music I remember:

    Plan B – She Said (still love this)
    Taio Cruz – Dynamite (young Munday used to play it)

    back in a mo …

  9. A reasonably good year

    Grasscut – The Tin Man
    Los Campasinos! – The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future
    Fops – Yellow Jacket Corpse

  10. Three long-named artists this week/year.

    Ali Farka Toure and Toumani Diabate – Ruby. I bought this more ‘cos Toumani’s name was on the label. The music is so gentle and peaceful.

    Archie Bronson Outfit – Magnetic Warrior. Play loud.

    Justin Town Earle – Rogers Park. Pedal steel guitar. Love it.

    • I loved that Farka Toure / Diabete album. Reminds me that i haven’t had a listen in awhile, and it’s perfect music to photoedit to.

  11. Cinnamon Tree – Esperanza Spalding
    Ecstasy of Gold – Oddjob
    For Me You Are (Feat. Hollie Cook) [Mungo’s Hi-Fi Mix] – Prince Fatty

    Beverly Slope – Abe Vigoda
    Crepuscule with Nellie – Jason Moran
    In Her Pride – Grasscut

  12. no spill choices as hadn’t joined in at that point but had started doing end of year cds for mates so easier to single out stuff. good year

    little girl – dangermouse & sparklehorse
    follow me down – unkle
    richard II – titus andronicus

    zebra – beach house
    england – national
    white chords – these new puritans
    juveniles – walkmen
    chicago train – besnard lakes
    lucidity – tame impala
    palaces of montezuma – grinderman
    memory serves – interpol
    the difference between us – dead weather
    revival – deerhunter
    spanish sahara – foals
    heart of glass – arcade fire – oops, sorry, sprawl II

  13. I had a few bands I was very enthusiastic about then, one of which has gone off the radar which is a shame as I had great hopes for them, I still love them, Ulterior – Sister Speed

    second choice IAMX Running, they’re playing Bristol in June, but it’s at a venue I don’t know (Marble Factory) on a day I can’t really rearrange commitments on, but I love them.

    third Unsettlers – He’s Out of Nails, again, they seem to be very quiet lately…

    my optimism is tested at times like these.

  14. There are names in your comments that I recognize but none rang a loud enough bell at the time to inspire me to buy anything. I must have been getting old……

    On a personal level, I got my one-man canoe out and set off into the future. It has turned out quite well, at last.

    I don’t know how many more years there are left in your clay pigeon flinger, barbryn, but thanks a lot for letting us take aim at all these years. It’s definitely been a hoot!

  15. Carole has already mentioned two of my picks for albums, Best Coast (for an individual track I’d go for Goodbye) and Lanegan/Campbell (yes, Come Undone). One more suggestion, which admittedly I didn’t discover until the very end of the year when it won the Spill Album of the Year: Steve Madon, Boys Outside.

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