Earworms 23 May 2016


Morning all, hope everyone is well and ready to face the week. I have a question for you – has anyone come across a group called Gotthard? Not the Swiss rock band but a (Czech??) ensemble specialising in early music – possibly classified as Baroque? I heard something by them at the weekend, a chant, led by a female singer – now it’s stuck in my head but I can’t find anything about them on Google. I’m not even sure if I’ve got the right spelling of their name. Just thought I’d ask. In the meantime, hope you enjoy this week’s worms, thanks to all and please keep the worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

Jesu / Sun Kil Moon – A Song Of Shadows – DsD: One plus one equals …? A DsD fave storytelling voice teams up with a DsD fave, er, guitarchitect, and the resulting album has superglued itself to my CD player. The combination of acerbic vocal and sludgy riffs may not to be to anyone else’s taste, but by God[flesh] it is mine!

Kothand Srivatsan – Pallavi II – Ravi Raman: On 24th April, some of my school mates got together and with a little outside help had a day long jam session. KS put together some covers and this is a small part of a very long composition called Ragam, Tanam, Pallavi. A masterclass in guitar work.

Patti Smith Group – Dancing Barefoot – tincanman: She falls so head over heels (er, yeah) in love, she feels like a heroine. No need to do heroin when you feel like that.

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Midnight Special – CaroleBristol: I read Tinny’s piece about the Billy Bragg/Joe Henry project and it made me think of the Creedence Clearwater Revival version of Midnight Special. It is great cover by a band that doesn’t get the love much these days, although they were huge back when I was a teenager. I’ve been humming this all morning.

Fleetwood Mac – Never Going Back – goneforeign: Rumours has long been a favourite album, I like almost all the songs on it. This one always comes to mind, love the guitar.

Dave Evans – The Words In Between – AliM: From Dave Evans’ 1971 debut album of the same name, apparently recorded on a two-track in a Bristol basement. I love this song; it frequently lodges itself in my head but I don’t mind at all – it has been with me for a long time!

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9 thoughts on “Earworms 23 May 2016

  1. Jesu / Sun Kil Moon – A Song Of Shadows This was new to me. I have no particular dislike of acerbic vocals and sludgy riffs so this wasn’t difficult to listen to, but I did find it a bit one dimensional. It reminded me of Mogwai, but without the intensity. It wasn’t bad, though, and I discovered more going on the second time around.

    Kothand Srivatsan – Pallavi II Well, that was nice. Ravi has some very talented schoolfriends.

    Patti Smith Group – Dancing Barefoot I love Patti Smith and I know this so well. Terrific stuff. I always think of Patti Smith as a musical shaman, one of the great ones.

    Fleetwood Mac – Never Going Back Another one I know very well. It is odd to remember that while punk was busily operating a scorched-earth musical policy in the mid-70s, most people were actually listening to the likes of ELO and Fleetwood Mac.

    Dave Evans – The Words In Between – I am pretty sure that I know this song, it seems very familiar. He is a nice player, isn’t he?

    OK, what is my fave? I think it has to be Dave Evans, but the Jesu / Sun Kil Moon definitely grew on me.

    • Carole, thanks. I will say that the rest of the album does have much more depth. Check out the song Exodus, which has me repeatedly close to tears, and is an early candidate for the DsD 2016 Festive Spill trio.

    • Curious as to which version of CCR this is.The one I have is just a tad different, maybe because it is from a remastered edition.
      About KS & schoolmates – there are these three guys, KS, Viji and Stephen, my classmates all through school and college and who are seriously talented. One of the reasons why I gave up any pretension for playing music and stuck with just being the gofer for them and their like.

  2. You might well have come across Dave Evans through the Bristol folk scene, I think his first two albums were released on the Village Thing label which also released albums by The Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra, Steve Tilston and Strange Fruit, amongst others. Or I may just have posted it before! I think Ravi’s worm is my favourite this week, but I very much like Patti Smith, too. Nothing I don’t like, in fact. Worms are boxed.

  3. Pallavi is special to me as it was part of a welcome home present when I came back from surgery last month. But Patti Smith, Dave Evans (both new to me) and CCR for me.

  4. Listened to Song of Shadows three times and went from not being too keen (this morning) to rather liking. Whether 7 or 8 more plays would lead to loving it I’m not sure.
    Pallavi II was more immediately enjoyable for me and that hasn’t worn off. Lovely sound.Could have done with more.
    The next three, I knew pretty well already. I only own Patti’s first two albums and the Because the Night single but this is still a familiar (and excellent) song and Patti in great voice as always. Hard to imagine that back in 1976 a lot of music critics regarded her as something of a joke. Funny old world.
    CCR can do little wrong I think. I doubt I’ll ever love a song of theirs as much as Bad Moon Rising (which was a big part of my teenage soundtrack) but this comes pretty close.
    The “new” Fleetwood Mac (as they then were) pretty much passed me by at the time but bit by bit the songs have seeped into my consciousness. Love this one.
    Never heard of Dave Evans. Not sure who he reminds me of. Lovely gentle sound anyway.

    Nice mixed bag.

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