Paul Simon

Paul Simon has a new album coming out next week, I’ve listened to it and I think it’s great, his best since Graceland, it’s called Stranger to Stranger.  There’s a very interesting piece on the NPR website, the entire album plus an extended interview with him about his composing process, well worth a listen.

Here’s the title cut from the album : 

and here’s the interview: 


  1. Nice one GF. I’ve been hearing word here and there that its a good one, but haven’t heard any of it! I’m not usually a big fan, but he’s such a consumate craftsman and I love listening to him talk about his songwriting.

    First track is quite Sting-like, but I won’t judge on first listen. 🙂

  2. I wish that I hadn’t read Tinny’s Sting comment before listening to the tune. It does sound a lot like the Tantric Sex God, though, which is very off-putting.

    Hopefully, there will be better tracks on the album.

  3. I think that I came late to the game, when I arrived everybody hated Sting and I’ve never known why. I have several Police albums and several of his jazz efforts and I like ’em all. What am I missing?

      • I like most of his songs even though I’m not a big fan of love songs as such. His Blue Turtles album is especially good in my opinion. But then I even like some of Ted Nugent’s songs. So maybe I’m not the guy to answer your question GF.

      • I was thinking it through before replying. In my opinion, it all goes back to the days of punk. The Police basically hitched themselves to the punk bandwagon, very much like Eddie And The Hot Rods and The Boomtown Rats did, by adopting skinny jeans, bleached blonde hair, skinny ties etc, a kind of safe mainstream punk rip-off.

        This pretty much guaranteed a wave of hate across the whole London punk scene, because they were fake. I can remember seeing The Police play at The Nashville in 1978 and the amount of beer being thrown at them by the audience must have cost a fortune. They were actively unpopular with real punks.

        Also, Sting is a massive arsehole.

        Anyway, I just don’t like his music.

  4. Sounds interesting; I like Graceland very much and will look out for this, though I don’t think he could top it! I had a look at the NPR website but the audio is unavailable here.

  5. Carole/Ravi, thank you for your responses. I agree re. Blue Turtles, I thought then and now that it was a great album, it had some very good songs, Walk Alone, Black Seams, Englishman…. plus a great backing band featuring Branford Marsalis who was probably unknown in the UK back then; they were reason enough alone to buy the record. If you haven’t seen the film’Bring on the Night’ you should check it, it’s at youtube and well worth seeing.

    As I’ve mentioned before I was almost totally preoccupied with reggae in the late 70’s early 80’s, punk wasn’t ever considered but I came across Synchronicity and I loved it, particularly the film which unfortunately YT doesn’t have. I bought the VHS and played it to death.
    Fake punks, I wouldn’t know one from the real thing, I can only judge them by the music so I have no thoughts on ‘rip off’.
    Carole, I think the last two comments of your response are the most interesting and since music is generally very subjective like/dislike is not open to discussion but based on much of what you’ve previously endorsed I’m surprised.

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