54 thoughts on “Spillyear 2004

  1. I shall miss this weekly entertainment. The last year for me has Vetiver Amour Fou, Einstürzende Neubauten Dead Friends and Tweaker Pure Genius (with Robert Smith).

    • Now the link’s working I’ve added these, but the last track from Tweaker has David Sylvian, not Robert Smith singing.

  2. I think if I’d been, say, 14 in 2004 I’d have loved it as much as my 14 year-old self loved 1992. Maybe the same would be true of any year (discuss…) but there do seem to have been a lot of good indie-guitar bands around, in particular.

    I don’t have a lot of time for many of them nowadays, but I had a bit of an Indian summer of listening to Radio One with the likes of Franz Ferdinand, The Libertines, Art Brut, Kaiser Chiefs, Razorlight, The Zutons, Bloc Party, Kings of Leon, The Killers, Kasabian, the Futureheads, Keane.

    Then there was A Grand Don’t Come For Free by The Streets, the first Joanna Newsom album, Nick Cave’s Abbatoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus, Arcade Fire’s Funeral, The Go! Team… And a lot more besides. Not a bad year at all.

    Three for the playlist:

    1. Franz Ferdinand – The Dark of the Matinee
    Just a hugely enjoyable song to listen to, every time.

    2. Gwen Stefani – What You Waiting For
    As is this. Top pop.

    3. Joanna Newsom – Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie
    Yes, I was put off by her voice the first time I heard her. I’m so thakful I persisted (and it’s quite accessible on this one). I always loved finding cowrie shells on the beaches of the Isles of Scilly (and Guadeloupe): this song reminds me of that, and finding cowrie shells makes me think of this song, so it’s a virtuous circle.

  3. Thanks so much for doing this project barbryn. It was a great challenge, and always something to look forward to on Tuesday nights.

    This wasn’t a bad year at all! For music, that is, i’m kind of spoiled rotten for choice here. Personally, not great. Midlife crisis i suppose, had left NYC the year before and was trying to figure out wtf i was going to do with the rest of my life. It was probably a great time to be 14.

    Pavement – Cut Your Hair
    Vines – Ride
    Libertines – Can’t Stand Me Now

    also –

    U2 – Vertigo
    Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams
    Libertines – Can’t Stand Me Now
    Hives – Walk Idiot Walk
    Rouge Wave – Be Kind and Remind
    Killers – Mr. Brightside
    The Streets – Get Out of my House
    Sigur Ros – Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do
    Loretta Lynn – Portland, Oregon
    Marcy Playground – Sex and Candy
    Usher – Yeah!

  4. You used to be able to find cowrie shells on Herm in the Channel Islands. Only tiny ones. Hopefully you still can.

    First some folk from Seth Lakeman, singing and playing the fiddle at the same time (how does he do it) from his album of the same name, his first really big success. Then an absolute favourite from that year, from Mindy’s album One Moment More. Been wondering about the 3rd choice, thought perhaps Nick Cave, and as you’ve mentioned him but not listed him, I will do so!

    Seth Lakeman – Kitty Jay
    Mindy Smith – Train song
    Nick Cave – The Lyre of Orpheus

    Can’t remember much about that year at the moment.

    • Checking my photos, must have just got my first digital camera, possibly for Christmas. There’s a cheeky-looking toddler (my grandson) around too at that time. Earlier that year was when I first saw Mindy Smith, along with a lot of other people at the Cambridge folk fest. Quite a line-up there, including Bert Jansch, Jimmy Cliff etc.

  5. One of many years when a lot of the new music passed me by at the time but three albums I did buy yielded these three tracks.

    Nancy Sinatra – Let me Kiss You
    Alicia Keys – If I Ain’t Got You
    Madeleine Peyroux – Dance Me to the End of Love

    I did also buy the Morrissey album but Nancy’s version of his song was the one that knocked me for six.

    • Oh! “You Are The Quarry”! I bought that too, but it wasn’t on my spreadsheet. Another error now remedied.

        • Yeah, I played it to death for about three months. I can see that I am going to have to dig out my neglected 2004 purchases and revisit them.

    • Shoegazer just reminded me – I have vivid memories of going to John Peel’s funeral in November 2004, wondering all the while if this was an intrusion and the family would have preferred something more private.
      There was never any chance of that of course and I gather they did have a smaller family service first. So many people arrived (so many different ages and backgrounds) that most of us stood outside the cathedral listening to the service on the speakers. I don’t think I would have even considered going to the funeral of anyone else I didn’t know personally.

  6. Mountain Goats – Quito
    Black Keys – 10am Automatic
    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – There She Goes My Beautiful World

    A great year for tunes (& hurricanes), overshadowed by the death of John Peel towards year-end.

  7. Funny, really, but 2004 is a long time ago, in actual terms, but it seems like yesterday in some ways. I was only talking to my partner about our 2004 holiday this evening, for example. There is a decade between Flower Power and Punk, and that period encompasses so much musical inventiveness but have we seen so much musical creativity and development in the 12 years between 2004 and now? I am not sure but perhaps others can provide the answer to that one.

    My spreadsheet informs me that in 2004 I bought the eponymous first album from The Scissor Sisters, Diana Krall‘s The Girl In The Other Room, No Roots by Faithless, Hymns Of The 49th Parallel by k.d lang, Live In Hyde Park by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Brian Wilson‘s Smile. I think that it is fair to say that I haven’t listened to any of them for at least the last five years, so picking a favourite three is going to be a bit tricky.

    Anyway, here goes;

    k.d. lang – Bird On A Wire
    Diana Krall – Abandoned Masquerade
    Scissor Sisters – Comfortably Numb

    I am really going to miss this weekly trawl down Memory Lane. It has been enormous fun, not least reading what others thought was important each year.

  8. I won’t miss the hit and miss of YouTube deciding if I can add songs this week or not 😦

    There was so much really good fringe stuff I considered, but why be obtuse when these three will deservedly be with us for a generation:
    Morrissey – First Of The Gang To Die
    U2 – Sometimes You Can’t Make It on Your Own (It’s about his father dying, so shhh)
    The Hold Steady – Killer Parties (heck of a debut album. Certain songs is etched into my soul more than Killer Parties, but there’s too many coded references to stand alone. And this nicely bridges their Replacements Husker Du environs with Craig Finn’s writing)

  9. I seem to be drawing a blank. I didn’t even investigate the Peej album. Can’t remember why.

    Thank you, barbryn, for having this idea and executing its implementation damn near perfectly. Kudos.

  10. Agree with Barbryn that it was a golden year for indie. I’d already been in Japan for a couple of years by 2004, was living in Tokyo, buying lots of 7″ singles, heading out to overpriced gigs and generally enjoying my mid- late twenties. It was my final year of being a mainstream indie fan, before I discovered Not Not Fun records in 2005 and my musical tastes dived deep underground and took a decidedly weird twist!

    Donds for Libertines, Hives, Streets, Sigor Ros and Franz Ferdinand.

    Will go for:

    Graham Coxon – Freakin’ Out (possibly my favourite 7″ single in my collection – the most perfectly perfect power pop gem!)

    Shitmat – Badman Ballad (“Are.You.Fucking.Ready? OK my selector, drop it”!!

    Art Brut – Formed a Band – a great debut statement of intent.

  11. The Gourds released a stonking album called The Bllod Of The Ram with a blasphemous title track that I can’t recall anyone objecting to – certainly I didn’t. Perhaps they weren’t famous enough. Oh well.

    Darrell Scott released a live album featuring Danny Thompson on bass. Good or what? I’ll have It’s The Whiskey That Eases The Pain because that’s the one that’s on YouTube, but you know I really wanted You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive, don’t you?

    The department of would’ve-if-I’d-known-about-it features Megson’s first album On The Side I only discovered Megson when Shane posted The Longshot on RR, but this song Just Stay is just lovely. I was at the launch gig for their new album Good Times Will Come Again last Friday.

  12. fire engine on fire pt II – flotation toy warning (also even fantastica)
    the idea of growing old – the features
    66 sleepers to summer – hope of the states

    arcade fire – neighborhood #1/ crown of love
    the walkmen – the rat
    interpol – evil
    les savy fav – yawn yawn yawn/ the sweat descends
    death from above 1979 – you’re a woman, i’m a machine
    mark lanegan – a hundred days
    go team – huddle formation

    • just to echo this was a great series so thanks barbryn. great to look back, hear stuff we missed and rediscover some old treasures.

  13. Ditto. Have also loved this series and the playlists that emerge from it. Racking my brains to think of something we could do that would be as much fun.

  14. Along with everyone else I’ve looked forward to this weekly treat but I’m curious about one thing, why set the limit at 1960? The 50’s were great, at least for my adolescent self, I listened to the radio constantly, BBC, AFN [American Forces Network] and Voice of America. This was my awakening to pop music and there’s so many memorable songs and artists – Ray Charles, Elvis, Nina, Fats Domino, Little Richard, BB King, Bill Haley, Brubeck, plus lots of new vocal groups, ask Google, it’s all up there and youtube has it all. Nuff said.
    Re. next week the idea of a ‘best three’ of the entire series keeps percolating in my head, I know it would be repetitious but it would be an interesting list.
    So, many thanks, we’ve all enjoyed it.


    • Hi goneforeign

      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the series. 1960 seemed like a good cut-off point. That’s not a judgement on the music of the 50s (I love many of the songs in the list you posted), and I know a few of you were there and listening to music at the time – but for a lot of us it would really just be a case of looking at lists of records released and picking three we know and like, and that’s not really so much fun. I wasn’t there in the 60s or 70s either, but I do have a reasonable idea of what was around at the time, which I don’t really have for earlier eras.

      But please don’t let that stop you or anyone else taking on the idea.

  15. Just one more comment, I loved Madeleine Peyroux, another new name. But when you play it, go next to the video of the original By Leonard Cohen, it’s the most beautiful video on youtube. Absolutely worth seeing.

    • How strange. I heard this song at the weekend, by a band called Orchestre de Cafe – never heard of the song (or the band!!) before, but thought it excellent. (Nice horses, too!)

  16. Donding the thanks for this feature, it has been a real challenge at times and is always interesting as it makes you go back and reappraise the music from the past, thanks again barbryn

    The World is Full of Crashing Bores – Morrissey
    Mr Brightside – Killers
    Catch the Rain – 6 by 7

  17. Anyway, how about this as an idea for the next few weeks; something based around the Pete Frame “Rock Family Trees” concept.

    My idea is that each week someone nominates a track by a band or artist and everyone else chips in with tracks that are linked to that first one because it is by someone that either was in the band or went on to join the band later, or had another link to the original (who I shall called person A).

    I don’t think that it is good enough to say, for example “Person A and Person B both released albums produced by Person C”. It needs to be more like ” Person A and Person B were both original members of Band Z” and then the next track might be “When Person B left Band Z they joined Band X and released this single” etc.

    Of course, you have to explain the link, or it won’t work.

    What do people think?

  18. Thanks barbryn, for keeping us entertained over the last months. It has been good to read all the stories and I’ve enjoyed the playlists. As for 2004 – I can’t remember much about it, but I’ll choose these, although I don’t think they will be very well received!

    Razorlight – Golden Touch
    O-Zone – Dragosteia Din Tei (became popular with young Munday because it was associated with Lego rock monsters – (“Numa Numa Rock Monster …”)
    Busted – Air Hostess

    I’ll get me coat …

  19. Yeah, shame to see this series go, but time has run out.

    Only suggestion for a new game would be to start with an RR theme results list. Everyone gets to vote a tune off the list, giving their reasons, & replace it with something else that fits the theme or playlist better.

    Perhaps there would be a second round to replace the replacements or restore an original.

    To make it even more complicated, we could allow a keep vote to protect a beloved song from being replaced.

    Or maybe with two blogs their just isn’t time for The ‘Spill anymore.

      • I really regret the splitting of RR but will continue to post on both blogs depending on whether the topic appeals or not. I wouldn’t like to see the Spill disappear though.

      • Me too, probably because it’s less complicated!! But I do try and keep up with RR and Songbar because I like the participants and there’s so much good music.

    • D’oh! “There”

      Think the main thing for a thriving ‘Spill is more posts & more participants.

      Finding time to post is tricky at the moment. I’ll try to pull an RR Revisited trial together next week. Perhaps Carole can do hers too? & anyone else who has ideas or just anything they feel like posting.

  20. Some vague thoughts on how the Spill could continue.

    Each week, people could come up with 2 (or more) entirely different songs of the same title, both of which they like (they could explain why.)

    Having gone through the alphabet with artists’ names, we could do the same with song titles.

  21. OK, I will do an initial “Family Trees” post for next Tuesday, and maybe a couple more after that and see how it goes.

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