Earworms 6 June 2016


Woolly jumpers on Thursday, shorts on Sunday; it must be June in England. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, and don’t forget to send those unwanted earworms to earworm@tincanland.com. Thanks to all contributors.

Purson – Unsure Overture – CaroleBristol: Purson are fronted by Rosalie Cunningham, who used to lead Ipso Facto. Her current band are a psychedelic outfit and this song, Unsure Overture is a bonus track from their latest album, Desire’s Magic Theatre. I think that they are interesting and this has a nice poppy psych vibe.

Kauan – Adore You – abahachi: Despite the fact that their ‘Sorni Nai’ album became a firm favourite last year, for some reason I’ve only just discovered Kauan’s Facebook page (in the hope that they might be playing the UK some time in the next decade – Ukraine would be a bit of a trek) and encountered their recent series of covers from the album sessions. There’s a decent version of the Floyd’s ‘Breathe’, but it’s quite straight and therefore ever so slightly uninteresting; this reworking of, ahem, a Miley Cyrus number is somewhat different…

Peter Rowan – No Woman no Cry – goneforeign: Here’s a great version of a great song, it’s by Peter Rowan and friends and was recorded live at a club in Nashville Tennessee. Totally non traditional backup band, it’s a quartet of well known Country players and Rowan is a Country superstar down there. Don’t let any of that keep you away, this is a great version, Bob would be proud.

Gul Panra & Atif Aslam – Man Aamadeh Am – Ravi Raman: Man Aamadeh Am (I Have Come To You) – sung in Farsi, the beautifully romantic language of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Already struck by her singing, it hasn’t helped me that Gul is equally stunning in looks. I’m in real danger of becoming a stalker fan here.

Junoon – Sayonee – Ravi Raman: Pakistan’s first rock band. A collaborative effort between an American and two Pakistanis these guys crafted a whole new genre and disbanded after 15 years of going against the grain. Which is saying something especially as Pakistan left its secular roots and became an Islamic nation. Rock guitars, tablas, Pakistani folk … they mixed them and served them hot.

B.B. King – Everybody Lies A Little – tincanman: Seems topical, what with the Brexit vote upcoming, the never-ending US presidential campaign, and @barbryn telling us we were out of years on the ‘Spill when we weren’t.


Image Copyright : Nataliya Peregudova (Follow)

14 thoughts on “Earworms 6 June 2016

  1. B B King – what can I say. Two licks and you know it is him. To top it I’ve never heard this song before so no question at all about which tops my as this diverse week’s pick.
    And regarding the songs I sent in: I’d nominated these and one more for RR and Song-Bar and was struck by them. I’ve shared music from India and so I thought why not from our neighbours as well. Thanks all and thank you Ali.

  2. Kauan – Adore You I wouldn’t have known that this is a Miley Cyrus number, because I’ve never knowingly ever heard anything by Miley Cyrus. Even as a cover version, I am not sure that it is really my thing. It is inoffensive enough, but a bit aimless.

    Peter Rowan – No Woman no Cry Sorry, GF, I didn’t like this at all. I don’t like Eric Clapton’s version of “I Shot The Sheriff” either.

    Gul Panra & Atif Aslam – Man Aamadeh Am This one wouldn’t play for me, so I found a version on YouTube. It really is rather wonderful and yes, she is very beautiful.

    Junoon – Sayonee This was good fun, rather enjoyable and, to my ears at least, it has the sort of vibe that I’d expect from a Pakistani version of the Gypsy Kings.

    B.B. King – Everybody Lies A Little I like a bit of BB King, I mean, who doesn’t? This isn’t nice enough, but it isn’t really a knock-out. I enjoyed it, though.

    Ok, so my favourite this week is Gul Panra & Atif Aslam.

    • Oops, by comment on the BB King song should read “This is nice enough, but it isn’t really a knock-out. I enjoyed it, though.

  3. Just had one listen through and I think my favourite this week is Purson, with Gul Panra & Atif Aslam close behind. Not knocked out by any of the others although I did enjoy the B B King.

  4. I’ve managed to upload the files to the DB RR folder, but I can’t put them in a new folder, so they’re just prefixed “Earworm 6 Jun” . DB is evidently having a hissy fit.

    • thanks Ali. I forget about dropbox as the RR split means it’s not used much now, but it is useful to be able to listen to the songs offline too 🙂

  5. I like Purson already, haven’t got the new album yet, I think Rosalie is a gorgeous mix of Siouxsie, Ian Astbury and Grace Slick so she gets my ears whatever she’s up to, this is lighter than the first album, quite playful, but good to hear.

    Kauan isn’t my thing, Peter Rowan’s cover is okay, but just made me want to listen to Bob Marley instead. Junoon make an interesting mix of sounds, quite folky to my ears, pleasant.

    Gul Panra and Atif Aslam surprised me which makes me like it more, what is it about?

    BB King is, as with many proper blues artists, someone I am glad do what they do, but I don’t really find it that fascnating to listen to. Gul and Purson are my faves. Thanks everyone.

    • Hi Beth: It is a reworking of an old Farsi/Iranian song. Originally it was just a woman singing and now they have made it a duet. It is basically a song of longing & love. These are the links for You Tube and translated lyrics, though the YT clip also has some (rather butchered) translated lyrics on screen.
      (I was very hesitant to send this and another called Lambi judai, as I wasn’t sure if The Spillers would like them. Thankfully Ali settled my objections).

      • I love hearing different music, I just like to know the sentiment. I listen to a lot of German music and sometimes there is a fine line between patriotism and something nastier, I would hate to listen to something I’d find repellant if I understood it. Thanks for sharing,

    • The Purson album is on my Must Buy list. Unfortunately, I have to put some shelves up first, because I have no space for any more CDs at the moment.

      • I know that problem, currently bunged a load of CDs I don’t listen to much in a box under the bed, I don’t like downloads as much as the physical artefact though, even though I can see the advantages.

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