RR Revisited: Change (September 16, 2005)

An experiment for a new game/challenge:


Listen to the playlist (from the very 1st edition of Reader’s Recommend).

You get to remove one song (explain your reasons: e.g: don’t like it, it’s a shoehorn that doesn’t fit the theme well etc.)

You get to save one song to protect it from being replaced

You get to add one song that you think is better (again show your working).

We’ll figure out refinements as we go, depending on what happens. If nothing else, at least we’ll get to listen to some of the old playlists.

34 thoughts on “RR Revisited: Change (September 16, 2005)

  1. I’ll go 1st to give an idea:

    I’ll save Muse as it’s a good cover & kick-off tune.

    Clash’s White Riot seems a bit of a shoehorn for this theme to me – Remove.

    Let’s go with Stranglers – Something Better Change as my new one.

    (You don’t have to use all your 3 plays at once).

  2. hey!

    I’ll save – the Byrds – as a much loved jingle jangle classic

    I’ll kick Diana Ross. Helped by wondering why ‘I’m still waiting’ was even in the list before realising at the last minute that it should be ‘I’m coming out’, which I don’t like

    I’ll replace it with TOPS – Change of Heart which I thought would be a good replacement for Diana Ross as a sweet female vocal track on topic.

  3. I’ll kick Muse, can’t stand them.

    I’ll protect The Byrds

    My replacement for Muse would be Late For The Sky by Jackson Browne, a song about someone realising that a relationship has run its course and that a change is going to happen.

    “How long have I been sleeping
    How long have I been drifting alone through the night
    How long have I been dreaming I could make it right
    If I closed my eyes and tried with all my might
    To be the one you need”

    • Muse are safe – unless you can find someone else to use their vote to join you in voting them off the playlist to over-ride the first save. Or you can burn someone else.

      V.W. Saved the Byrds a few minutes before you. So they are now really safe – unless you want to save someone else. (Personally, think their spelling alone is grounds for dismissal, unless they want to be pronounced as The Beards).

  4. Didn’t realise that Fourfoot compiled Spotify lists for many of the old RR playlists. Couldn’t use it as he included all the nominated songs he could find, not just the results. Herculean effort, anyway.

  5. I haven’t had a chance to listen, but I will physically fight anyone who tries to get rid of St Etienne.

    I do love the Byrds, but I’m not sure that song is about change so much as opposites. It’s not a case of one changing to the other (“last week we were casting away stones… this week we’re gathering stones together) as both having their particular place in space and time.

    One to add: Joanna Newsom’s Oxymandian excavations on Sapokanikan.

  6. Cool idea. I would like to get rid of Notorious BIG because I did listen to it, but I don’t like it and I’d like to protect Sam Cook, for the epicness and string arrangement and I’ll add in David Bowie Changes because, well you know how I feel about Bowie, don’t ya?

  7. I don’t like the bloke from Muse’s voice much but didn’t dislike the track overall. Probably heard Won’t Get Fooled Again as many times as I’ll ever want to but, again, I can’t say I dislike it. No strong feelings about the Diana Ross, assuming we are talking about I’m Coming Out, I rather like I’m Still Waiting. I see what barbryn means about the Byrds song but I’m taking it to mean times change (I think).

    Love Sam Cook, Killing Joke, Saint Etienne and The Clash. Didn’t like Notorious BIG at all.

    I think I’ll keep Saint Etienne and ditch Biggy.

    I’d replace with “No Change is Sexy” by Jah Wobble even though (because?) it’s about not changing.


  8. Funnily enough I agree with you about White Riot , would fit several other topics better.

    I would more predictably save Killing Joke. I’ll get back to you about a replacement – there’s plenty of options

  9. Scrap The Clash because it doesn’t fit and they weren’t as good as Big Audio Dynamite.

    and swap it for Bionic BoogieRisky Changes because disco was just so much more fun than punk.

    (the views above may not represent my true thoughts at all times)

  10. Torn between kicking off Muse or Diana Ross.

    Two newtome donds for Killing Joke, which rocked. Also for Pulp, which was lovely. So Shoey, how does this work, can i vote to keep or kick of a nomination that was posted before my own? I’d like to keep Beth’s Bowie. Or if it doesn’t work that way, i’ll take the Pulp, as Wyngate already saved KJ and Beth saved Sam Cooke.

    Off the top of my head replacement picks –

    Deftones – Change (In the House of Flies)
    Pretenders – Talk of the Town

    now, do our replacement picks have to be unzedded?

    • I had better go with the Deftones, that’s more of a song about change than the Pretenders, of which change is just a part of what it’s about.

    • Muse & Diana have already been voted off. You can vote someone else off and protect someone if you think they’re at risk from other ‘Spillers.

      • I’m not sure that there are enough songs on the list for the number of players! My other pick for the axe would have been the Who, which Fuel just picked. There isn’t really anything else on the list I want to kick off.

  11. The Who can do one as I always thought that tune’s about things staying the same.

    I’ll add in Charles Bradley’s version of Changes because he makes it personal, sings it from the perspective of losing his mother.

    Things Done Changed by the The Notorious B.I.G. gets a preservation order.

      • I like this revisiting. Tis cool.

        Made me rethink the Biggie track. Now I know the original sample (The Main Ingredient – California) and the optimism in that song and compare it with the anger and the bleak lyrics in the rap, it really works to underline the message. The fact that he was shot dead after singing about the horrific changes brought about by gun violence in his community… Ach! Too fucking sad.

  12. The only one I would want to kick off is The Notorious B.I.G. for no good reason other than that I don’t like it.

    I would save Sam Cooke (although beth has already done so).

    I suggest Blues Pills and “Ain’t No Change”.

  13. “Revised” playlist updated (2nd one):

    Killing Joke, Byrds, Pulp, Saint Etienne & Sam Cooke are all still standing & joined by 10 new tunes.

    Thanks all for playing – seemed to work-out ok.

    Let me know if you want to do another one?

    Probably need some volunteers to post/keep score if we want to do this regularly (not much spare time at the moment).

    Thanks all for playing.

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