Once I’d been bitten by the reggae bug I started buying anything with that word on the label, LP’s, CD’s, Singles – 7″ 12″,  whatever, I wasn’t usually concerned with who the artist was, I just wanted the music. So I quickly accumulated a sizable collection and playing ’em was a total learning experience, I helped that along by making mix tapes which I played at work, at home and in the car. So that collection also grew and in later years I’d use them on the air, nowadays I listen to ’em in bed in the early hours, it’s such a treat to hear long forgotten pieces that I once knew intimately. Such is the case with this lot, I came across them at 3am a couple of nights ago, I played ’em twice, I thought they’d make a nice treat for the Spill in these hard times, so here we go. Listen to the lyrics, they really relate a lot of what was happening in Jamaica in the 60’s through the 80’s.

What the world needs now is a lot more reggae, Brexit, Trump, Climate change, Drought, Flooding and the burning landscape, and all the stress that comes with it,

Lighten up, move your legs, dance!



  1. Great stuff GF. Fantastic way to start my week (it is 7:10 Monday here). Some of the names are absolutely new to me. Thanks for the share.

  2. When I lived in South London for a while in the mid 1970s, I had some friends who lived just off Acre Lane, at the Brixton end. There was a pub we used to go in occasionally that had a completely reggae jukebox. There was stuff on there that was just amazing, loads of Dennis Brown and older ska artists, and lots of the records had dub B-sides.

  3. Thanks for the kind words,
    Re. Dreadlocks in Moonlight I came across this bit of trivia recently. Chris Blackwell, owner of Island records, was in Jamaica to see Bob Marley. En-route to Bob’s house he passed Lee Perry’s studio so he popped in for a quick visit, Perry was working on a song for Bob, Dreadlocks in Moonlight. Blackwell was so taken with the song that he stayed all day and told Perry that he’d distribute it for him. Meanwhile at Bob’s house where Blackwell was supposed to be a gang burst in with guns blazing, Bob was hit in the arm, Rita was shot, Don Taylor his manager was also shot, Chris Blackwell was with Lee Perry mixing this song!

  4. Still only half way through listening to these! Pure enjoyment though.Some familiar to me. Others are familiar voices but songs I hadn’t heard from them and had no idea they had recorded.
    Track 7 btw wouldn’t play for me so I had to listen on YouTube.

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