Weird and Wonderful Covers


It’s been a while since i’ve done a Best Cover Artist ever post, and i’m not going to do one now either.  But i did stumble on this Track of the Day blog on The Atlantic, which it bills as “the most transformative cover songs”.  Many will be familiar to those of us around these parts, but there are many that are new to me.  Fell in love with this cover of one of my favorite CSN songs.  Other faves from the blog – The Gourds’ Gin and Juice and Blue Man Group / Venus Hum’s I Feel Love, Aztec Camera’s Jump.  They take submissions too.  (maybe look away from the Sisters of Mercy  cover, Beth)

3 thoughts on “Weird and Wonderful Covers

    • I’m definitely planning to check that out, once life slows down in July and i’m looking at marathon photoediting sessions. There was a Lyle Lovett cover of Friend of the Devil on this blog, that wasn’t radical but was lovely. I always loved his voice.

  1. I have heard the Sonic Youth version of Superstar before, never liked the band, but liked that. I couldn’t see the Sisters cover, not sure if the page is displaying properly though. I like a cover best when it reveals something new about the song, so the blog seems like a great idea.

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