RR Revisited: Anxiety (April 18, 2008)

After last weeks’ experiment, let’s revisit another RR. This time it’s the 1st of the lovely Maddy’s run as Guru, which also happens to be the 1st time I showed up & achieved not a sausage in the final listing for my efforts (a drought that would continue for some considerable time). http://www.rrindex.com/topics/anxiety.htm

Not available on Spotify:

Third Rail – Run, Run, Run

Fields Ward & His Grayson County Railsplitters – Aint That Trouble In Mind

Reminder of the Rules:

1. Listen to the tunes

2. You get to suggest one song that should be removed (explain your reasons: e.g: it’s a stinker; it’s a shoehorn that doesn’t belong, etc.). Removal can be blocked by an equal number of protect votes.

3. You get to protect one song to try save it from being replaced by others.

4. You get to add one song that you think is improves the list (again show your working). These new suggestions can be removed, same way as any other tune can.

Deadline is until the next official RR escapes. Your 3 chips can be used in any order at any time. Strategery & deviousness are encouraged, but no biting, gouging or blows below the belt.

23 thoughts on “RR Revisited: Anxiety (April 18, 2008)

  1. I definitely want to protect Joni Mitchell.

    Not too keen on the Third Rail track, so that can go.

    My replacement song is Dark Globe by Syd Barrett

  2. I played a retro techno dj set last weekend and included Dominatot, Bombscare, Testone, 20 Seconds to Comply, but I wish I had thought of Where’s Your Child? That’s ace and goes where RR rarely does. Preservation order duly slapped on it.

    Field Wards can go back to raolsplitting because his concerns seem self-inflicted and don’t mean that much to me.

    I heard a song a bit ago and thought “That’s summed up anxiety” but I can’t remember that now. So, let’s go with a 2016 tune and Roots Manuva’s Crying. Random anxious thoughts pop into his head and disturb the anxiety ridden lyrical flow. Intense with an odd moment of levity.

    • It’s all a bit surreal. Don’t know anyone directly affected, as the Latino Gay community is a community within a community. Orlando is a very accepting place despite it’s Southness & all that goes with that. A friend of mine does live next door to the lady who owns the club.

      Depressingly unlikely that anything will happen to control these lethal weapons.

      • I fear you are right. For all the US talk of the war on terror, the real terror is your neighbour or workmate with a gun, with 136 mass shootings in the US so far this year alone – 99% nothing to do with ISIS-type religious fanaticism. Sadly, with American politics a captive of big business, nothing will be allowed to stand in the way of profiting from death. My guess is very few Americans realise that it is not like this in the rest of the world. The US has 6 times as many deaths from mass shootings per head of population than the rest of the world put together.

      • One fix would be to enable the arms manufacturers to be sued by victims’ families – Americans like litigation almost as much as guns.

        Oh well.

        You can do something about saving Third Rail (which I think you nominated) – just place a vote.

  3. hmm. wasn’t overly keen on the last two either, but as they’re gone I’ll do the unthinkable and kick steady Eddie Cochran out, replaced with something more spiteful, Nerve Endings by the Eagulls.

    i’ll save the Strawberry Switchblade ladies.

  4. I must say I rather enjoyed the last two – i.e. the two Youtube songs above. Not enough alas to trump the fact that I loved the Strawberry Switchblade which I’ll vote to save.

    Now, I am no great fan of Radiohead. Don’t dislike them either but when the track here popped up I thought it was a particularly irritating Spotify advert. Listened a second time and still got no pleasure from the thing so I’ll vote for it to go.

    I’ll nom as replacement “Girl Gets Nervous” by Nicky and the Dots. A slice of Brighton punk from the Vaultage 78 compilation.

  5. Not home so haven’t listened to the list yet. The Stones have a number of songs on Exile chock full of coked up, speeded out nerves, withdrawal symptoms and DTs, but I think I’ll go for the Smiths’ Girlfriend in a Coma.

  6. Hmm. I could easily toss the whole list, save for Joni and Strawberry Switchblade, which was lovely. And both already saved. I’ll counter Fuel and toss the Bam Bam though.

  7. I thought the Strawberry Switchblade track was brill – were they in Toffeeboy’s epic year long odyssey through Scottish pop? I don’t remember hearing them there. Shoey recalls me nominating Run run run, but twas Shiv. It’s the sort of thing I would nom though, as I am a Nuggets fan. So I’ll happily save it. I’d kick out Nightmares – it seemed way too unoriginal. And my add would be Quiet Nervousness from the Manuel Gottsching classic E2-E4.

  8. I would have tossed Radiohead

    Save Bam Bam – ‘cos it’s ace

    replace one with Jeffrey & Jack Lewis – Anxiety Attack as we both corpsed when he sat next too me in a pub in Norwich:

  9. Third Rail, Futureheads, Bam Bam, Kilburn & The Highroads & Strawberry Switchblade all survive our tinkering. I’ll try & set-up another one for Monday evening.

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