Tuesday night family tree challenge #2

This is the second of the initial three challenges I said I’d post.

Once again, post a track by a band or artist that has a link to the original nomination, or one of the linked nominations that others post.

This week I am going to the USA and looking at one of the most influential bands operating in the area where pop, blues, soul, R ‘n’ B and jazz crossed over. Laydeez and Gennulmen! I give you  Blood, Sweat and Tears!!!!!!!


I have created a playlist on YouTube, fingers crossed that one or the other of these links will work;

Here is one link

And here’s another

I’ll start off with this track;

24 thoughts on “Tuesday night family tree challenge #2

  1. Okay I can think of Al Kooper and Jaco Pastorius. Does that count?
    * You Never Know Who Your Friends Are for Kooper
    * For Jaco anything from his Weather Report days, maybe Black Market.

  2. Blood, sweat, tears, I remember ’em well, still have that album. They remind me of another group from that era that I also liked, CTA, who coincidentally shared with BST James William Guercio as their producer.
    There’s a name that comes to mind – David Clayton Thomas, he sang lead on some cuts.

  3. I’ve never knowingly listened to the band, but I believe Al Kooper was in there, and he played on Dylan’s Like A Rolling Stone so I’ll go for that.

  4. Anyone remember Spyro Gyra? Randy Brecker played on their 1979 hit, “Morning Dance”, which is one of those musack songs that kind of filled the background to the late ’70s, early ’80s. I even had the album. Sorry, the youtube links don’t work for me, but you can listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6IUUWzI7vg

  5. According to Wiki (yes I’m cheating) Jim Fielder was briefly a member of Buffalo Springfield (as well as BS&T) but he doesn’t appear to be listed as playing on any of their albums so I’m going to have to stop and think about this a bit more.

    • I thought that people might find a few more links, such as Lou Marini, who was in The Blues Brothers, Steve Katz, who went on to produce a couple of Lou Reed albums and Tom “Bones” Malone who was also a Blues Brother.

  6. The Saphire Supper Club in Orlando had a hip-trip-hop night every Tuesday. Along with the contemporary stuff, B.S.T’s Spinning Wheel almost always got a play. As did this:

    (Right thread this time, hopefully)

  7. I’m probably doing exactly the same as Carole but just in case – I have made a playlist (just of that first song) with the same name as the original. Made it collaborative and copied the link from the box that pops up. Does this work at all?

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