RR Revisited: Summer (May 19, 2011)

Let’s have a hack at a Jon Dennis list:

Thee Rules:

1. Have a listen.

2. Suggest one song that should be removed & why. Removal can be blocked by an equal number of protect votes.

3. Protect one song to try to save it from being removed.

4. Add one song to improve the list.

Your 3 votes can be used in any order at any time until Thursday evening when polls close.

35 thoughts on “RR Revisited: Summer (May 19, 2011)

  1. Well the Beach Boys can wipeout cos that tune ain’t about the summer: “it’s just a simple metaphor, for a burning love”.

    So many summer songs. Pretty sure everyone here could make a list of ten songs and there would be very few overlaps. But I’ll add in Nightless Night or Summertime Cowboy by Husky Rescue… Sod it! That list needs some summer sultriness (and I don’t think Grazing in the Grass is about that act ;-)), so add in J.Viewz “Salty Air”. Mmmmm! “Kissing your burnt skin.”

    So much worthy of being saved. The Violators or Emiliana Torrini? Tosses a coin. It’s heads, so Ms Torrini is saved.

  2. I must admit I didn’t enjoy that playlist quite as much as I expected to. I agree that the Beach Boys song is way of topic and not one of their best anyway. Didn’t like the Holger Czukay which was a surprise. Enjoyed the four-song sixties interlude, mostly the three soul tracks – I must be feeling my age today. Grumpy old git.
    Violators were great. Things are looking up. Oh I love that Emiliana Torrini. Any song with “silly buggers” in the lyric is good for me.
    Death Cab was ok. Not my thing really but ok.

    I think I have the same dilemma as Fuel and I’m coming to the same decision. Ditch the Beach Persons and keep Emiliana.

    I’ll replace with Carole King – It Might as Well Rain Until September although I bloody hope it doesn’t.

    • Emiliana! πŸ˜€ A very cute video for the tune, if I remember correctly. It’s a Shane and DsD fave, I think.

      Jon Dennis lists always seemed to have at least four songs from the Sixties and a couple of strange outliers (usually one of my suggestions, which I found bizarre).

      I used to predict JD’s playlist or its basic composition and usually got at least half correct. I guess people can predict my playlists but it took the joy out of playing until I started laughing at how absurd it was. A bit like watching England play football at a major tournament – turning up, getting all excited at the potential, flashes of inspiration but undone by bizarre mistakes and predictability. Yeah! I’m grumpy, too.

      I’ll now swig the last of my whisky and fall to sleep.

  3. Haven’t listened yet, and not much I know, but another vote for keeping Emiliana Torrini, which I remember liking at the time.

    I’ll propose “English Summer” by Grandadbob. So many great summer songs, but this one speaks to me – there’s something bittersweet about the Enlgish summer that promises so much but is so ephemeral:


  4. I enjoyed the playlist. I’ve liked Holger Czukay in the past, but found that track quite irritating, so that can go for me.

  5. I can’t actually see the playlist on this column at all. I can see it in my RSS feed reader but it won’t take me to a playlist, just the Roy Ayers song.

  6. Ok, now I have had a listen. Not a great playlist really, was it. The one I want to keep is Roy Ayers and the one to lose is The Cyrkle.

    I would replace it with “Bummer In The Summer” by Love

  7. Ahh! Thanks Fuel. Spotify is bewilderingly complicated. Not that YT playlists are much better. Grrr. Off for a listen.

  8. I didn’t like much of that either! I will keep the Violators Summer of 81 and ditch Death Cab For Cutie, will add Our Summer by All About Eve for the folky vibe. I don’t like hot summer sun, give me a balmy evening any day.

  9. Nope, i wasn’t that big on that list either! Didn’t seem very summery to me. Another dond for Emiliana – and i’m unemployed in the summertime right now and loving it. (not really, i work freelance and the jobs dry up considerably and i love it.) Lots i could toss, but i’ll go for Roy Ayers. I’m torn between saving Grazing in the Grass and Death Cab. Since Beth tossed Death Cab, i’ll make a stab for saving it.

    And yet the tunes i’m torn between adding are all from the 60’s.

    Sly and the Family Stone- Hot Fun in the Summertime
    Lovin Spoonful – Summer in the City
    Temptations – It’s Summer

    Ok, i’ll go for the 70’s then

    War – Summer

    (not trying to be an ass with the links, Shoey, i don’t have Spotify.)

    • I’m going to change my pick, is that allowed? Summer is really a time for swoony pop. Really want to put up Teenage Fanclub’s Ain’t that Enough, but i’ll go for this one.

      Sundays – Summertime

  10. hey guys πŸ™‚

    i was quite liking the holger czukay track until the particularly cheesy last minute or so. Instead I’ll keep the billy stewart and kick the friends of distinction track which i really did not dig.

    too much choice to add but I’ll go with: Arab Strap – the first big weekend

  11. Toss up between The Violators and Holger Czukay to ditch.

    I’ll save Bobby Hebb

    So many potential ones to add to the list. Given the weather outside I’m hoping the sun’s going to come out so how about Zoe – Sunshine on a Rainy Day or Springsteen’s Waitin’ On A Sunny Day πŸ˜‰

    Seriously though, lots of great summery songs to choose from but have whittled it down to either Whiskey Myers – Summer 2005 or Little Big Town – Pontoon

    Whiskey Myers – Summer 2005

    Little Big Town – Pontoon

    • Holger’s already got a few forks in him, but let me know which you want to ditch?

      Similarly, let me know which one to add?

      I’ll add the revised playlist later today, based on votes cast so far.

  12. heehee – I just did the sex quiz in your magazine.

    it’s saved so I’m adding a huge save to van wolfs: Arab Strap – the first big weekend

    that and Emiliana are on always on my summer playlists – going back years.
    Can’t believe DsD beat me to it AND on a JD watch!

    I’d ditch the Beach Boys – but I think they are gone already – much of muchness for most of the others.

    ADD because i’m feeling bouncy: Peaches In The Summertime – Camper Van Beethoven

  13. Will add Durutti Column’s Sketch For Summer (even though they’ve only got a live version without bird tweets, but it does have Bruce on drums instead of a machine).

    “Revised” list is up. How did we do? Still time for more revisions if needed & if you have unused votes to play

  14. Looks like we’re done.

    Let me know of any particular theme you want to revisit next week (here or shoemail@cfl.rr.com if you want to keep it a surprise). Or, even better, if anyone else wants to take this on.

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