RR Revisited: Separation (Sept 25, 2009)


P-Mac left us some time back. Do we miss his lists?

The stuff that you should know by now:

Have a listen &:

1. Suggest one song that should be removed & why. Removal can be blocked by an equal number of protect votes.

2. Protect one song to try to save it from being removed.

3. Add one song to improve the list.

Your 3 votes can be used in any order at any time until Thursday evening when polls close.

19 thoughts on “RR Revisited: Separation (Sept 25, 2009)

  1. I think we can all agree that this “steenbeck,” whomever he or she may be, has excellent taste in music and his/her picks should be set in stone for all eternity. I like this game! I’ma havea listen.

  2. On the face of it this looks like a belter of a list. Possibly just that a lot of the songs are from the 70s and 80s i.e. my teens and twenties. I think I would save Jilted John at any price (sorry rev Richard) and ditch either Elvis C or Peter Paul and Mrs Nosepoultice.
    On balance I reckon the Spike album hasn’t worn well. A long way from his best, quite a ‘stodgy’ production and trying too hard to be clever I always felt. So – surprisingly perhaps – I’ll ditch Declan.

    I’m fairly certain that the chap in the Mary Coughlan song “There is a Bed” is now departed so I’ll nominate that.

  3. This is a pretty good list! Nothing i’m itching to kick off here, was between Gang Starr and Dinah, but I’ll go for Dinah. For probably obvious reasons. I would have saved Jilted John too, but as Sev already did, I’ll rescue Declan. I think it’s lovely.

    To replace – first thought was Sinead’s purple Last Day of Our Acquantance, but honestly if it was on the list i would have kicked it off. Too fucking maudlin and dramatic. So instead i’ll go for this one –

    Sinead / The The – Kingdom of Rain


  4. It is a great list. Hard to dump anything, but it has to be done, so goodbye to Peter, Paul and Mary.

    I will preserve Carole King

    My replacement is Robert Johnson’s Love In Vain as covered by The Rolling Stones

  5. As others have said this is a decent list, I would save the Dylan partly because I nommed it all those years ago as my alter ego but also because I think it’s one of the better songs on Blonde on Blonde. Difficult to drop one but I would probably agree with Carole and drop PP&M. I would replace it with Seven Days Too Long by Dexys as I’ve always loved it !

  6. Elvis Costello goes because it sounds so negative, so hopeless and bitter and those words are addressed by a father to his children.

    I’l save Dinah because the vocal phrasing makes it sound like she’s taunting her ex, showing off her skills and keeping her dignity while he gets what he deserves. Sassy.

    What to add? vanwolf has gone for The Triffids and drama, so no need for Moonface with Siinai’s “Headed for the Door”. Maybe I’ll go for one of those dancing with tears in the eyes songs. The Charades’ Key to My Happiness or Robyn with Kleerup’s With Every Heartbeat. funkbrother 69 has recommended a northern soul tune so it’s Robyn.

  7. Revised (or more like extended) list updated. I’ve added T.M.S – 8th Ring Of Hell. Quite a lot of cancelling-each-other-out going on this week.

    • Great. Use whatever works best for you. I found that Spotty has most of the tunes & it’s easy to embed on the ‘Spill (playlist right click URL option). I make a copy of the revisited list & edit this as the “revised” list. The best part is that once posted, any changes are reflected automatically (sometimes songs can make a comeback, when someone casts a later protect vote).

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