Tuesday night family tree challenge #4

This week, we are taking a couple of steps forward in time, and looking at an artist who came to prominence, well relative prominence, in the period after punk erupted into the public consciousness. This person emerged from the New York No Wave scene in the band Teenage Jesus and the Jerks and she is ……………….. Lydia Lunch.

Here she is with a track from her 1982 album 13:13

There should be plenty of links to other people this week, and hopefully something for everyone (or maybe not). She can be hard work sometimes but she has worked with a huge number of people.

Here is one link to the playlist

And here is another one

Hopefully one or the other will work.

7 thoughts on “Tuesday night family tree challenge #4

  1. I confess to complete ignorance so resorted to Wiki, and found a reference to Thurston Moore. So I shall add Lydia Lunch & Thurston Moore “Breaking Open the Head”.

    (Had I had a daughter I thought about calling her Lydia – nice name – until my sister-in-law (whose middle name was Lydia) said she had been called “Lid ‘o yer bin” at school. But I digress …)

  2. Some bloke called Severin played bass on (and produced) her EP “The Agony Is the Ecstasy” so I’ve added the song “Punish Me With Kisses” by his side-project band The Glove. A title btw taken from a Barbara Cartland novel.

  3. Oh dear, I missed this completely, so sorry! Sometimes my computer refuses to go to the Spill and I forget to check back later. Anyway yes, Lydia Lunch, if the Immaculate Consumptives had recorded anything I’d have chosen them (Marc Almond, Nick Cave and others), but they didn’t. She was on the B side of the Birthday Party record Drunk on the Pope’s Blood, a live scream I don’t listen to often, she’s on stage with the post Birthday Party/pre Bad Seeds incarnation Nick Cave and the Cavemen singing backing vocals, many links.

    I shall go sideways and choose Die Haut, who she worked with, here’s the beautiful Blixa singing Johnny Guitar.

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