I’ve just got in from a new club on the Reeperbahn

astra stube 09.05.16

(photo: Rabea Bollmann)

where TheBoyWonder was playing with his new band (regular readers will realise that he is now TheYoungManWonder). Having finished school, he decided to spend his gap year playing the bars of Hamburg, just him and his guitar opening as support for a whole load of local musicians, but also Richard Dawson. Then he got a place on the prestigious POPKURS at Hamburg University for Theatre and Music, asked some of the lads he met there to help him record a CD and they had such fun together they decided to form a band. Today was their first official gig and it was pretty good 😉



14 thoughts on “I’ve just got in from a new club on the Reeperbahn

  1. Debby, that is AWESOME. Goes from soul to pop to shoegaze to post-rock in four minutes flat.
    Shades of artists from Jamiroquai to Aereogramme. I want the CD.

    • It’s only an EP, but you’re very welcome. Might have to wait a week, because they’re playing another gig next Friday and I’m not sure how many they’ve got left for the merchandising table there. Which gives you plenty of time to dig out my email and send me your address 😉

      (Alternatively available on itunes or at amazon MAYES – Mayes EP)

      • Debby, you tell me which way puts most money directly to the band, and I’ll order it that way.
        Cheers, and goodnight.
        (Things manic here too; just woken up on the settee AGAIN!)

    • YES! It was lovely, I had Little’Un dancing along with me at the back of the crowd and people kept buying me drinks (I thought it’d be rude to say ‘No’). I promise I’ll be in touch properly very soon, things have been mad round here lately.

      I’m so glad you like the song!

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