Shouldn’t have mentioned firemen …

Well, we’ve had an interesting day. DsSis finally opened her bedroom curtains late this morning, and called “Er, Dad, you’d better come and look at this!”

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I’ve missed the local news so far, and it turns out this wasn’t even the biggest fire in our area today (this was –, but I’m still hoping it turns out to be a damage-only spectacular.

Naturally, the first song through the desk speakers when I sat down to do some work was this one:


4 thoughts on “Shouldn’t have mentioned firemen …

    • No. Even the most paranoid conspiracy theorist would struggle to connect a HGV scrapyard with an industrial bakery.

  1. I saw these on the news, I’m glad no one seems to have been badly hurt. Might have to re-think my Morrison’s order this week, though!!

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