R/R Revisited: Adventure (13th Feb 2009)



This was (I think) the first playlist by Rob Fitzpatrick.


Shoegazer in offline so I’m having a go at this thing. Here be his rules:

Listen to these here songs and:

1. Suggest one song that should be removed & why. Removal can be blocked by an equal number of protect votes.

2. Protect one song to try to save it from being removed.

3. Add one song to improve the list.

Your 3 votes can be used in any order at any time until Thursday evening when polls close.


14 thoughts on “R/R Revisited: Adventure (13th Feb 2009)

  1. Hmm, bit on the country / folkie side, which doesn’t seem overly adventurous to me. I could toss a few, but I think i’ll toss Nanci Griffith. And keep, to my own surprise, Kate Bush.

    List needs some juice. To add, i’m torn between late 60s grooviness and late 80s grooviness.

    Either –

    Steppenwolf – Magic Carpet Ride
    B-52’s – Roam

    not sure yet, but i reckon i have time.

  2. I’ll loose Eric B and Rakim, save the Human League and suggest Width of a Circle by David Bowie because he goes on a trip and gets off with himself (or the devil), which is adventurous, plus guitar solos!

  3. There’s a few I’d chuck too, but on balance I’ll chuck Eric B and Rakim because I really don’t like it. And Beth has voted against too.

    I’d keep Merz which was new to me and which I really liked.

    I’d add Camel and “Highways of the Sun” which is a blast from the past (I’d choose “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun” by Floyd but I suspect it’s well and truly zedded). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4K4amlD3hM

    Thanks severin.

    • I don’t think zedded means anything in this game but I’ll add Camel to the revised playlist, remove Nanci and Eric (can still be restored if voted up) and see if I can make the new version appear above.

  4. Late to the party

    But I’d add The Rolling Stones going 2,000 Light Years From Home.

    I’d drop Johnny Cash cos it sounds like he’s shirking responsibility rather than going on an adventure. And this week I hate people who won’t take responsibility for their actions and the way they hurt others but leave a big fucking mess in the name of their idea of freedom.

    This playlist needs more beats, so I’ll try and save Eric B. & Rakim

    • Fuel, I will withdraw my dislike of Eric B. and Rakim on your behalf because I agree with what you say about shirking responsibility and I’m impressed by your post above. So to keep it simple I’ll ditch Nanci instead. It was a close call between the two.

      • Thank you.

        I can’t get over the political and business news that is coming out of the UK. It has left me stunned. Music has been my escape but when I really listened to those lyrics I was dragged back to thinking about responsibility and having foresight, or a lack of it.

        Hope the news isn’t clouding life in Britain too much. 🙂

  5. Thanks to Sev for posting. Still no Wi-Fi, as my man cave is getting decorated: more animal heads, auto parts, scantilly clad….[What? None of those? Oh well]

  6. I’ve put Eric back in again and ditched Johnny. And, as Shoey said, the amended playlist magically changes in the link above. Hello, btw. I thought I had broken your game at first but it seems to have taken off again.
    The Strolling Bones finally located and added after I realised they didn’t go in for commas in their numbering system.

    • Hope you’re enjoying it. Don’t have the means to listen to the list, so wouldn’t be fair to rub anyone out. Doesn’t strike me as a very adventurous list on face value, though. Might add Dandy Warhol’s Legend Of The Last Of The Outlaw Truckers – an homage, of sorts, to that 70’s Convoy tune with added drugs.

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