Earworms 11 July 2016

4372844 - stone steps to underground, blue toned.

Good morning, good morning, hope you’ve been enjoying the tennis, or the football, or whatever floats your boat. Earworms is veering off between Reggae and Blues this week, if this isn’t your cup of tea please send some alternative music to earworm@tincanland.com. Many thanks to all contributors.

Susan Cadogan – Do It Baby – severin: She who recorded the reggae cover of “Hurt So Good”. This was released around the same time and is equally startling. She used to be a librarian you know, and her real name’s Alison.

Barbara Dane – It isn’t Nice – goneforeign: This civil rights protest song was popular in California in the ’60’s, it was written by San Franciscan Malvina Reynolds [Little Boxes] I saw Barbara  perform it in several small LA clubs.

Stevie Ray Vaughan – Lenny – Ravi Raman: A very un-SRV track written for his then wife and performed here at his 1984 show in Carnegie Hall, one day after his birthday but released well after his death.

Leroy Carr – Blues Before Sunrise – tincanman: A Leroy Carr cover is a right of passage for any self-respecting blues(wo)man, and very few have the patience in their playing to pass.

The Aristocrats – Smuggler’s Corridor – AliM: Wiki tells me that The Aristocrats are a rock super group, formed in 2011. I heard this on Spotify and can’t get it out of my head – their influences include King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Joe Satriani and Rage Against the Machine – currently touring with Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, they are due to tour India in September, details here: http://the-aristocrats-band.com/ if Ravi is about!!

Image Copyright: <a href=’http://www.123rf.com/profile_joseasreyes’>joseasreyes / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

9 thoughts on “Earworms 11 July 2016

      • There’s a band in Bangalore called Blues Before Sunrise! Anyway I was predisposed to liking The Aristocrats and the track didn’t disappoint at all. Barring the unforeseen I’m in Bangalore on September 16.
        I’ve heard different versions of the Leroy Carr song, Clapton especially. Had not heard the original. Thanks all.

  1. Susan Cadogan – Filth and depravity. Should have nominated it for the lust topic instead of sullying this hallowed place.
    Barbara Dane – I have mixed feelings about Malvina Reynolds. Once I was old enough to realise that the people in her most famous song weren’t literally being put into boxes (which sounded pretty scary to me) I found the whole thing kind of patronising. Loved “What Have They Done to the Rain” and “Morningtown Ride” though. This one was pretty good and, perhaps sadly, still relevant in many ways. I do like B Dane’s voice too.
    Stevie Ray – Whooh, I like this. Even more on a second play through. Good one. I wish I could play music like that. Or at all.
    Leroy Carr – I know the song. In fact I posted the Elmore James version way back when, as part of the Spill Game that involved voting off one out of thirteen tracks. Never heard this take on it before though. Completely different version but still sounding great to me.
    The Aristocrats – I have a DVD of the film of the joke they named themselves after. Never managed to watch all of it at one sitting I have to say. Anyway, this was quite stirring stuff. A bit mid-seventies prog. Would have probably hated it during the punk years due to tunnel vision. Sounds more than fine now though.

    • Thanks for that! Never heard of The Aristocrats till last week. Don’t think I could cope with too much of them but this song wormed it’s way into my head.

    • Severin: I arrived here in 1958 and made my first visit to SF via a drive from LA in the early 6o’s. As you approach South SF on hwy 101 you are suddenly inundated with a vision of tiny tract houses built very close together in the hillsides adjacent to the freeway, thousands of ’em! Little boxes made out of ticky tacky, and they all look just the same. Our version of Soweto. I’d seen many just the same in LA, there was a huge building boom catering to the WW2 baby boomers, dozens of cities of similar houses popping up everywhere.
      I lived in one for my first few months here, every morning when I left for work at 8am I saw a huge field transformed, first they laid concrete roads, then they laid concrete foundations for every house, then they raised the wooden walls, then the roofs, then the paint, then the gardens, then the clean up; the entire tract of several hundred houses was finished in less
      than three months! The never worked on single houses, it was mass production.
      My father was a bricklayer, I was used to a single house taking 1-2 years!
      She absolutely nailed it, Little Boxes.

  2. One more once; since we were talking about a song that isn’t on today’s playlist I thought we should remedy that and of course youtube obliged.
    Malvina wasn’t your typical 1960’s folk singer, she was a little old Jewish woman, probably into her 60’s 70’s. But lots of REAL folksingers covered all her songs. Here she is:

  3. My dad liked this song. Probably because our nice Georgian house in Bristol was demolished via a compulsory order and replaced by a 1960s block of flats. I was about 2 when we moved to the suburbs.

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