RR Revisited: The Sea (May 25, 2007)

Ahoy Mateys. Thanks to Ableseaman Severin for hoisting up the yardarm last week [Ok enough pirate talk]. This week we go back to another early Dorian mix: moist, soggy or wet?


How To Play:
Add one
Protect one
Remove one

In any order, at any time between now & Thursday evening. Arrr [Sorry, it’s hard to stop].

28 thoughts on “RR Revisited: The Sea (May 25, 2007)

  1. Apologies for not playing this game properly, Shoey. Feel free to ignore anything I say…

    But I’d like to take that Bobby Darin record out and use it as a clay pigeon. The sleazy swing makes my flesh crawl. And it says fuck all about the sea.

    And, as it’s a Dorian list, I’d love to put the Dead’s Lost Sailor in there instead. Not only is it a much better song, it has lyrics about the sea and the music even mirrors the swell of the tide.


    • Seems like you’re playing pretty well to me – even saving a protect card in case someone doesn’t like the cut of The Dead’s jib (although people have been too polite to remove an added song – so far).

      Anyway, I owe you an apology for not getting back on the Day Of The Dead tribute. Have a copy half-way-up the to-listen-to pile. Perhaps it will make the next Quarterly post (which will be late – not that anyone is not he edge of their seat or anything).

      • Forgot about the protect card. I’ll place mine on Robert Wyatt: he should be preserved for all eternity.

        I’ll sit back properly on my chair then…….

  2. Ah, my proudest RR moment – 2 As (British Sea Power, All About Eve) and a B (“Spanish Mane” by the Coral).

    I’m definitely keeping BSP, but will need to listen before I decide what to lose.

    As a replacement – loads, but I’m going for “Shorley Wall” by Ooberman – “where the ocean swells and leaves you small”.

  3. I’m protecting All About Eve and adding Justin Sullivan’s Ocean Rising because not matter how many times I listen to it, it makes me homesick for the sea. I have my own Sea playlists, it’s a topic I never tire of.

  4. Looks like a pretty good list to me. Will have to listen tomorrow. In the meantime (predictably) I’ll add Katzenjammer’s “To the Sea”. A jolly song about bereavement and loneliness (because of the sea) with actions.

  5. Don’t quite get the hostility to Bobby Darin but I’m not going to combat the down-votes as there are plenty of others I like better.
    I think I’d dump the Beach Boys song as it’s pretty dull and pedestrian and save Procol Harum as I’ve loved that one since I was about 14.

    • You can ascribe my antipathy towards the Bobby D song to my childhood, sev. It just returns images of men with Brylcreamed hair, tuxedos, white shirts, nice ties and cheesy grins taking perfectly OK songs (La Mer, in this case) and ‘jazzing them up’. Finger-clicking, head-bobbing, shoe-shuffling, insincerity oozing from every pore of Dean, Perry, Bobby, Frank (although he was a bit different), Max, Frankie, Sammy (the sole black face) etc etc. The musical arrangements tended to be depressingly similar too (although that is a later rationalisation). Rock and roll was getting started and bringing some life and unpredictability into popular music when this record was released; these guys were trying to keep it nicely wrapped up and safe. The ‘jazzing up’ was an insult to jazz, too.

      It’s quite a visceral hatred I have of that stuff (ditto 60’s novelty records!). Maybe a tad OTT……

  6. I’d leave Bobby Darin at the bottom of the Mariana Trench as well. But, sorry, The Grey Funnel Line by Cyril Tawney goes cos I’ve heard another version of that (by a female?) and I liked that much more. Bring down that ocean rain.

    Would like to add Sophie Zelmani’s “The Ocean and Me” or a couple of tunes by Emiliana Torrini because this list is a bit too male but I’ll go for Funki Porc… Er…no! Pharoah Sanders and “The Ocean Song”. It’s what jazz were invented for.

    BSP are protected by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea

  7. Hmm, everyone already beat me to the kill tunes. Problem with only 10 to a list i guess. So i’ll add another kill for Cyril Tawney, and I’ll keep Mastodon.

    I’ll add the Pogue’s Turkish Song of the Damned, which takes place on the sea, but may not be about the sea per se. IF tha’s a problem i’ll switch to Jane’s Addiction’s Ocean Size.

  8. As noted, there aren’t enough women. & no electronics either. Will fix by adding “To The Sea” by Yello & Stina Nordenstam.

    Revised list so far on its way soon.

  9. I will save Robert Wyatt, get rid of Mastodon (I can’t stand heavy metal) and replace it with Seaside by The Ordinary Boys or if that’s not on topic enough then Ease Your Feet in the Sea by Belle and Sebastian

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