30 thoughts on “RR Revisited: Dreams (Aug 11, 2006)

  1. Another Dorian playlist? OK, so here’s another great Deadsong he ignored: Attics Of My Life.

    In the secret space of dreams
    Where I dreaming lay amazed
    When the secrets all are told
    And the petals all unfold
    When there was no dream of mine
    You dreamed of me

    I’ll get back to you about what it should replace (PSB? Metallica? Smiths?), but I’m inclined to protect The Mamas & The Papas, or Nico, or the Faces……

  2. PSB are put on the bench for phoning in a PSB tune and rhyming aghast with last. (It’s never sat right with me has that one.)

    pinkshinyultrablast’s Kiddy Pool Dreams are put in the list for being all over the place and incomprehensible – like most of my dreams.

    I’ll save I Monster because it’s a track I will put on while I chill and let my mind wander…

  3. Away for the day so I can’t listen to the list for awhile. First pick is Bob Dylan – I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine. But along with Neil Young, the Dead, Mama’s & Papas, looking a little too old school. So I may come up with a more current pick.

  4. Amy’s got a point: it is a rather old-sounding list. And there’s nothing to my ears that desperately deserves either a kicking or a preservation order. Not even pop-by-numbers PSB (I met Neil Tennant’s sister once)…..

    Oddly, I’m slightly inclined to kick the Small Faces off (because the song isn’t about dreams) and keep The Smiths (because the lovely music let’s me ignore twat-face’s moany witterings). Must be the heat.

  5. Without listening to the whole list, I’m inclined at this point to keep Metallica and kick the M&Ps. But that could change.

  6. I enjoyed the playlist apart from the Pet Shop Boys which felt very dated to me, I’ll support fuelburing in ditching them and add something new, Beck’s Dreams is one of his cheerful ones from last year. Is it okay to add it myself? I haven’t tried doing that before.

  7. Pondered Nitin Sawhney’s Acquired Dreams or Bat For Lashes’ Pearl’s Dream but neither of them are discernibly about dreams or dreaming at all. Can’t think what to dump or keep either so I’ll sleep on it and see if I dream any answers.

  8. Almost a rerun of last week, protect The Smiths, get rid of Metallica and replace with A Space Boy Dream by Belle and Sebastian, one of several songs about dreams they have penned !

  9. My list would include Bob Dylan’s 1st and 115th dreams, Belle and Sebastian’s Dirty Dream #2 and Deacon Blue’s Last Night I Dreamed of Henry Thomas (worth a listen even if you don’t usually like Deacon Blue).

    But a very clear winner for me: Tindersticks – Paco de Renaldo’s Dream.

    I enjoyed the list throughout. Nothing I really want to get rid of, although I have to be in the mood for Metallica. I’ll vote to save Dream a Little Dream of Me – overfamiliar, maybe, but perfection nonetheless.

  10. I’m still sticking with Metallica, so they’re even. Because no one would really kick out Neil Young, would they. And i’m still kicking Cass.

    Instead of Bob Dylan though, i’ll replace with Smashing Pumpkins – Daydream. Early 90’s, anyway.

  11. is quite a nice list – thought it could be a bit more psychedelic. nods for DDno.2 – B&S, pinkshiny,

    i’d certainly kick the pet shop boys into touch from the list. did comtemplate metallica as well and i’d have picked reel around the fountain for the smiths choice.

    i’ll save the small faces

    loads of possibilities to add. in keeping with the general vibe i narrowed down to strange days dream by the shamen or breather by chapterhouse. i don’t think SDD is on spotify or YT. I’d put it up there but only have it on an old tape now 😦 though it’s the first track on here

  12. I wasn’t going to save the Mamas etc as it was my own pick but, sod it, they need saving so I’m going to anyway. I’ll have to ditch something on grounds of the topic as I didn’t dislike any of the songs. Think I’ll make it the Small faces which seems to me to be more about falling asleep than dreaming itself.

    • And I’ll throw in the Afro Celt Sound System’s “Even In My Dreams” as I put it in a playlist for a previous game and about half the bloggers hated it. And because I like it of course.

  13. My very favourite film about dreams – and also one of my very favourite films – is Living In Oblivion. If you haven’t seen it, do.

    I wonder if this could be an add-on to the game, Shoey: recommended films on the playlist subject?

  14. I quite like the list but the Pet Shop Boys will have to go. I would replace it with Jethro Tull’s “The Waking Edge” which is about having a dream of being with someone, waking up, realising they’re not there and trying to recapture the dream – desperate and impossible, of course. Poignant, if old school. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCJKJjMalmA

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