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This week’s RR Revisited prompted me to do my Ancient Mariner bit and promote Living In Oblivion, my favourite film about dreams, yet again. Then I thought this could be a way to give Spillers some ideas about how to distract themselves for a couple of hours in a time of global insanity and crap summer TV….

So, if there’s sufficient interest, I’ll ask for your favourite films on whatever subject Shoey picks to re-visit. So far, mine are:

John Cusack in High Fidelity

John Cusack in High Fidelity

Change: Boyhood

Anxiety: Inland Empire

Summer: Vertical Ray of the Sun
(aka At the Height of Summer)

Separation: 127 Hours

The Sea: A Hijacking

Dreams: Living In Oblivion

What are yours?

23 thoughts on “RR Playlist Movies

  1. Nice one Chris, though my favourite movie can fit under Anxiety, Change and Dreams I suppose – Being John Malkovich.

    • Ta, Ravi. I love everything with Charlie Kaufman’s skewed perspective in it (although I found Anomalisa a bit disappointing), but perhaps BJM is more appropriate to the recent Song Bar topic, Songs About Wanting To Be Someone Else…

      • One of the most powerful films on Change would be Shatranj ke Khiladi by Satyajit Ray. Also known as The Chess Players, the film shows two wealthy men (one of them a nawab) obsessing over their chess game on the eve of the 1857 Rebellion. Sub titled versions are available on YT. Check it out if you haven’t seen it. The sub-text becomes overwhelming to the point of controlling the narrative.

      • I did see The Chess Players, Ravi, but so long ago I have only a couple of stills left in my memory. No text, let alone sub-text.

  2. I’ll bite:

    Change – Performance
    Anxiety – Annie Hall
    Summer – A Streetcar Named Desire
    Separation – A Separation (is that cheating?)
    The Sea – All Is Lost
    Dreams – Mulholland Drive

    Loved Anomalisa btw. Only saw Inland Empire once at the cinema while suffering from a lack of sleep. I was utterly baffled and bewildered. Maybe I should give it another go.

    • A Separation was my first thought, too, but I went with a literal interpretation…

      Mood may have been my problem with Anomalisa, i suppose. I found it difficult to apply to real life, and that’s what I find so attractive about Kaufman’s skewed world seen in his other films.

      Inland Empire, if you force yourself into it, is hard work and not that enjoyable, if I’m honest. But an undeniably unique and unsettling experience. Auteurs, eh? What are they like?

  3. My film knowledge is very poor so there won’t be anything earth shattering from me. I’ll go for:
    Change: Empire of the Sun
    Anxiety: Pan’s Labyrinth
    Summer: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
    Separation: Brief Encounter!!
    The Sea: Well, it would have to be Jason & the Argonauts with the clashing rocks.
    Dreams: Life of Pi

  4. Change: Underground – Emir Kusturica
    Anxiety: 37° 2 le matin (Betty Blue) – Jean-Jacques Beineix (made me bloody anxious anyway)
    Summer: Restless Natives – Michael Hoffman (Scottish boys hold up Tourist buses and become Tourist attractions)
    Separation: A Zed & Two Noughts – Peter Greenaway
    The Sea: Submarine – Richard Ayoade (this might not strictly be about the sea)
    Dreams: Until the end of the world (director’s cut if you have 5 hours to waste – the digested version is pants) or Der Himmel über Berlin – Wim Wenders

  5. Hmm, i’m having a hard time thinking of films this way. Change? Nearly every film worth it’s salt is about change in some form or another. About summer? Well, lots of film take place in summer without being about it. A song i get, but it’s like trying to put up albums, instead of just songs for a topic.

    But i’ll give it a go for the moment – of the ones i can think about anyway.

    Summer – Body Heat (dond for Dog Day Afternoon)

    The Sea – Posiedon Adventure? (Saw it as a kid. i may be able to think of a better one. I kind of hated Jaws, didn’t see the Titanic.)

    Dreams – Blade Runner

    The others i have more options and will take more thought.

  6. not too much thought to these but here goes:

    Change: alien
    Anxiety: fight club
    Summer: jaws
    Separation: eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
    The Sea: the enemy below
    Dreams: inception

  7. A Pixar Joint..

    Change: Toy Story 3
    Anxiety: Monsters Inc.
    Summer: Knick Knack
    Separation: Toy Story 2
    The Sea: Finding Nemo
    Dreams: Inside Out

  8. Change – The Fly (Cronenberg)
    Anxiety – The Invitation
    Summer – The Kings Of Summer
    Separation – Empire Of The Sun
    The Sea – Das Boat
    Dreams – Inception. Donds for Mulholland Drive.

  9. A non-Pixar joint..

    Change: Orlando (Sally Potter)
    Anxiety: Dr. Strangelove (Kubrick)
    Summer: Do the right thing (Spike Lee)
    Separation: Toyko Story (Ozu)
    The Sea: Dead Calm (Noyce)
    Dreams: Paprika (Satoshi Kon)

    Bonus points for anyone naming the actor who appears in two of these films (no Googling).

      • Billy Zane was the “disturbed” interloper in Dead Calm, and Shelmerdine, Tilda Swinton’s lover in Orlando. Btw, you might like Paprika- it is kind of psychedelic… otoh it could just end up giving you a bad trip…

  10. Oh! Just time to say that Living in Oblivion destroyed me. There I was writing a script about the difficulty of student film making – prime scenes included a generator slowly melting through the Baltic ice at 4 in the morning while the wannabe Kieślowski tries to get the perfect pink snow angel in minus 20 celsius, not to mention the constant unwanted sounds, vibrations and digital disturbances of them once fancy new mobile phone things – when fucking Living in Oblivion shows up.

    I wanted to hate it but it was so much better that I bought the script which comes with the very funny Eating Crow a film-maker’s diary. Laugh-out-loud stories.

    I’d play but I have to go and consume some Lebanese red. Never had Lebanese wine before. 😉

    • Ah, red Leb, those were t’days…..man…..

      Have you seen the interview with Tom diCillo (it’s on the DVD) about how LiO was made? It may help you forgive him for stealing your idea.

  11. Good game, good game !

    Change – Boudu Saved from Drowning (Renoir)
    Anxiety – Wages of Fear (Clouzot)
    Summer – Passport to Pimlico
    Separation – Three Colours Blue
    The Sea – The Hunt for Red October
    Dreams – The Woman in the Window (Lang)

  12. Oh…a film version of RR, I like it!

    Change – ….hmmm… can’t beat Boyhood – donded
    Anxiety – How to Get Ahead in Advertising
    Summer – One Crazy Summer (the point at which 80s teen comedies went gloriously and anarchicly surreal!)

    …..ah…being called away…

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