Earworms 25 July 2016

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Another joyous selection for you. I used to treasure my albums and CDs – now I am still fond of music I used to listen to a lot, but I’m even happier listening to music that’s new to me – and there’s a great selection here. Thanks to all contributors, and please keep the worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

Disperse – Dancing With Endless Love – AliM: Another gem from Spotify. Disperse are a Polish band who, according to Bandcamp, “… balance amazing technical skill with elegance as they inject their own style into a modern take on intelligent, progressive metal and rock.” Sounds good to me.

Kutle Khan and Kavita Seth – Khari Khari – Ravi Raman: Here’s an Amit Trivedi composition, combining Punjabi folk and some Indian R&B! Kutle Khan of Rajasthan Roots and well-known Indie singer Kavita Seth join hands in this Amit Trivedi composition. Amit is known for composing rustic leaning songs.

Ann Mortifee – One Man Sally Ann – tincanman: Would love to report she is a Canadian treasure, but …

Henry Priestman – Grey’s The New Blonde – tfd: Henry used to be in a band called the Christians, which comprised three brothers whose surname is Christian and him – and his middle name is Christian! How often does that happen? Anyway, I’m friendly with a local band called Kobold who are fans of Henry and do several songs of his, including this one. (Which is, OK, a bit trite and soppy…but it strikes a chord, that’s all I’ll say.) So they set up a gig for him in Stony Stratford recently and told me I had to come along and see Henry because he’s very good, so I did and he was.

Billy Bragg and the Blokes – Billericay Dicky – severin: From the Brand New Boots and Panties album of cover versions. Could have picked almost anything from it but this is a bit of a gem. Billy had fun with this one.

Cassandra Wilson – Death Letter – goneforeign: This was written in the ’30’s by Son House and was a part of his ’60’s blues revival repertoire. It has been covered by many artists as Death Letter Blues, here’s a version by Cassandra Wilson.

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11 thoughts on “Earworms 25 July 2016

  1. Well on a first listen..
    Loved the first two by Disperse and then Kutle Khan and Kavita Seth. Both took me way up yonder and over the raincoats. Blissful, both of them. Wasn’t entirely sure about the next one, Ann Mortifee, I’m afraid but will listen again. I quite liked The Christians without being mad about them. This Henry Priestman song was quite touching. Wasn’t sure at first but it grew on me as it went on. Personally, I have dyed my hair but a different shade of grey. Love Cassandra Wilson and all her works. This one I have heard before and it’s a good one.

    • Just re-read this and it only occasionally borders on coherence. In fact it reads like the work of somebody who’s been at the “certain substances”. I’d actually had to get up four hours earlier than usual so as to be ready for the new-boiler-installers and was clearly a bit hard of thinking by mid-afternoon.

  2. All except Cassandra Wilson new to me. Really liked Billy Bragg, Disperse and the Priestman songs. The Billy Bragg song sounds awfully familiar, especially the guitar work. I’ll try and track the song I’m thinking about. It used to be played on the All India Radio regularly a while back. Thanks all, Ali.

  3. Back from two weeks in France, so I am a day late with the ‘worms.

    Disperse – Dancing With Endless Love Intelligent, progressive metal and rock seems to be a big thing in Poland, what with Riverside and others. This was nice, but I wanted it to go on and develop the ideas more.

    Kutle Khan and Kavita Seth – Khari Khari This was quite nice, but i think I prefer the more intricate, multi-layered stuff.

    Ann Mortifee – One Man Sally Ann Sorry, not for me.

    Henry Priestman – Grey’s The New Blonde Not bad. He’s got a good voice.

    Billy Bragg and the Blokes – Billericay Dicky Yes, this is a good, fun, knees-up cover. I like it a lot.

    Cassandra Wilson – Death Letter This is fantastic. I own her “Blue Light Till Dawn” album and I love her take on old blues standards.

    Well, my pick of the week is undoubtedly Cassandra Wilson. A truly magnificent version of a great song.

      • Thanks, Ravi, but apart from getting home to our house and the things in it, I cannot in all honesty say that I actually wanted to return to the UK at all. In fact, since the EU referendum result, I’ve started thinking that this country doesn’t feel like my home any more. Of course, I cannot do anything about that, I haven’t got the money to just up sticks, but the UK just seems to be the place where I have to live now, rather than somewhere I actually want to be.

    • Hope you enjoyed your holiday, at least. Will you be doing the Tuesday night challenge? We’ve had Aidan Moffat and Maggie Holland in your absence.

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