22 thoughts on “RR Revisited: Trains (Jan 18, 2008)

  1. Some of these tracks (Love Train, Rock Island Line, Mystery Train…) are already under some sort of International Music Protection Order, aren’t they?

    So I’ll wrap my arms around This Train, not least because because I’m sure I saw her sing it in a concert recorded at a station about a mile from where I now live.
    I’ll ditch the Buzzcocks, because punk instrumentals imitating the rhythm of a train are utterly pointless.
    I’ll add the GD’s Casey Jones, because it was a Dorian list. Oh, and it’s about a real train (well, it’s more about cocaine addiction, tbh).

  2. Haven’t listened yet. Sorely tempted to add Aerosmith’s Train Kept a Rollin, but I’ll probably have to go for

    REM – Driver 8

    by a nose.

    • Another list that’s way too old for my taste, don’t like it much at all. Rich for me to keep saying that, i generally like old music. I’ll keep Outkast, gives the list a bit of juice. Spoiled rotten for what to toss, but i’ll go for Steve Reich.

  3. I’d dump Outkast, except that Amy has just protected it, so I’ll have to get on Chris’s train and dump The Buzzcocks instead.

    My big love goes out to The O’Jays and Love Train.

    What shall I replace Late For The Train with? Tricky. I would have gone for Casey Jones, but Chris has got there first. So, it just has to be Duke Ellington and “Take the A Train” because it is perfect.

  4. The Buzzcocks track was one of the two instrumentals they came up with for a John Peel session when Pete Shelly had laryngitis. The other one was Walking Distance. Anyway, I think I’ll pick that one to save and ditch Steve Reich which I just couldn’t get into. Not saying it’s bad but it doesn’t work well (for me) on a playlist like this.

    Tempted to add Dylan’s “It Take’s a Lot to Laugh…” with all it’s drug/train imagery, The Cure – Jumping Someone Else’s Train (though it’s more about a bandwagon), Goldfrapp – Train (whatever it’s meant to be about) or The New York Dolls – Subway Train.

    Hmmmm – I’m going for The Cure (not literally, obviously).

  5. Last Train To Trancentral The KLF
    would be my first choice – there’s a possibility I send 3 whole CD’s of train tracks over to steenbeck around this time – I love train songs.

    save – The Ethiopians
    dump – not sure

  6. Very difficult to just add one, I like a lot of songs about trains. I think I’ll have to drop Lonnie Donegan, just doesn’t speak to me and add The Sisters of Mercy’s Nine While Nine because we’ve all been at stations in the dark waiting for a train, feeling cold, haven’t we?

  7. I think I would drop the Buzzcocks as well – not their best moment and as it’s an instrumental it’s not actually about anything.

    Part of me thinks Eastfield have to be included because it’s an obsession for songwriter Jesse. https://youtu.be/DumjC2EYLgo

    But then I remembered there’s only one obvious choice for me – Flux Of Pink Indians – Tube Disasters

  8. i’d kick the steve reich
    save iLiKETRAiNS

    I’d definitely have added nine while nine by the Sisters but happy to see Beth beat me to it. one of my favourite ever songs.

    i’d probably select Chicago train by the Besnard Lakes…or maybe Lame Train – Flesh for Lulu

  9. Tempted to add Trans Europe Express in its entirety, but will restrain & go with Junior Murvin instead. Will bring Blue Nile back to life for Toffeeboy.

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