7 thoughts on “Quarterly (2nd)

  1. A little bit underwhelmed by the Robert Glasper Miles Davis remix project Everything’s Beautiful, I’ve instead been revisiting last year’s Christian Scott Atunde Adjuah album Stretch Music, after seeing the band live two weeks ago in our local club. They were on awesome form, quite similar to this performance for NPR, except more hip-hop oriented (and minus guitar). All three lead soloists- flautist Elena Pinderhughes, Scott, and Braxton Cook on alto sax- were absolutely incendiary. Back here again in November and we will definitely be there. Very convincing fusion of hip-hop, New Orleans, jazz, and Cuban influences.


    Otherwise the top jazz release for me in this quarter has been Avishai Cohen’s ECM album Into the silence. Looking forward to seeing him play it live in September.

  2. Faves were Masterpiece and especially Garden of Love.

    What have i found to listen to from Q2? Wel, a few tunes from April and maybe early May, then i got really busy. So i guess i have to get caught up until end of July.

  3. Have been enjoying:

    Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool (took a few listens to get into, but there’s real depth there)
    Skepta – Konnichiwa (all killer, no filler!)
    Foodman – EZ Minzoku (indescribable musical madness!)
    Chance the Rapper – Coloring Book (not as good as his last one, but still pretty ace)
    White Lung – Paradise (poppy punky perfection)
    Ethereal and the Queer Show – Fairy Super Crystal Blue (my favourite thing this week!)

    …and a whole lot more odds and sods and stuff that I’m only just catching up on..,

    • Need to spend more time with the new Radiohead – but not been in the right mood. Did like White Lung, despite the pants name.

  4. Haven’t discovered much from this quarter (or this year), but the Amber Arcades album has been on continual rotation – gorgeous dream-pop/guitar-pop that keeps drawing me back.

    Enjoying but not blown away by PJ Harvey and Beth Orton’s latest offerings.

    And just today I heard Slow Club’s new song – a band who are maturing brilliantly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0__Tqpbn4kQ

    Random new discoveries from recent years – Dillon and Olof Arnalds’ “Palme” album.

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