Earworms 1 August 2016

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A dash of nepotism for you this week, and none the worse for that. Hope it gets August off to a good start. Meanwhile, thanks to all contributors, and please keep the worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

Mayes – Far Too Easy – Debbym via Ali: This is from Mayes’ debut EP, featuring Debby’s son on lead vocal and guitar. You can find out more here: http://www.mayesband.com (text only in oddly translated German at present) with a link to itunes, soundcloud etc. and I think they’re on Spotify, too. Excellent stuff, I love this.

YesBodyElse – Concrete Donkey – tfd: This is one of my son Matt’s earliest songs, given a makeover here by his new band YesBodyElse. It’s a true story based on events that Matt and some of his friends in MK got involved in when they were teenagers; unfortunately it’s rather hard to tell from the song just exactly what was going on, and if you ask the culprits now they’ll just say they don’t remember, and they weren’t there anyway.

Andre Williams – Cadillac Jack – tincanman: The Detroit veteran’s new album (probably an 80th birthday present to himself. Meow) complains he’s not been asked into any music halls of fame. Too many stupid novelty songs naming dances after animal parts and not enough r&b storytelling as on this 1968 minor hit is my answer.

Ella and Basie – This is my last affair – goneforeign: A perfect combination, both superstars. I love everything about Ella’s singing, she’s perfect. Basie’s band is also, it runs like a Swiss watch.

Ornette Coleman – Law Years – Ravi Raman: This track came up on an ad here, very creatively used for a chase sequence. Though issued separately I have it via a four disc album called Pure Jazz, which has a huge collection of artists.

Image Copyright: sergiobarrios / 123RF Stock Photo

7 thoughts on “Earworms 1 August 2016

  1. Mayes – Far Too Easy – Debby did your son (what is his name btw) undergo vocal training? Very good presentation. I didn’t bother too much with the lyrics though that will change soon I suspect. Band gells together and here’s hoping the fickle record company gods pay proper notice.
    Concrete Donkey – what’s the story then tfd? A small sketch for a linguistically challenged Spiller like me should suffice. Maybe I’ll get it on the third or fourth run through. Are they using a mellotron? Makeover or not it hangs pretty well together. Cheers all Spillers and again thanks Ali.

  2. All winners this week I think. Always love Ella and with Count Basie she’s almost unbeatable. Liked that Ornette Coleman too. I’m by no means a jazz buff (does anyone still say that?) but I do have a couple of his recordings. Great stuff.
    I have a feeling I ought to be familiar with the name Andre Williams but I had to look him up. Anyway this was a treat. I do like that laid back storytelling style.
    So then, the two sons of donders: Loved both. Great vocals. Couldn’t choose between them so I’ll make them my joint songs of the week.

    • Nobody still says that. Basie comes next to Duke in my LP’s, I have 40+.
      I saw the Basie band many times in the 50’s and though I have a substantial Ella collection I never saw/heard her live. Great playlist this week, I’d like to add another to go with the Ornette track, it’s from the 40’s, the bebop era, it’s Dexter Gordon duetting with Wardell Gray, it’s a great cut; The Chase, perfect match for Ornette fans.

  3. Mayes – Far Too Easy This is pretty good. It sounds very accomplished and I really like the guitar work.

    YesBodyElse – Concrete Donkey More nice guitar work here, and a lovely slightly-woozy, almost psychedelic feel to the song in places. It sounds like a mid-70s Californian country rock band who have discovered AOR radio (that is most definitely not a put-down).

    Andre Williams – Cadillac Jack This is great. It sounds like something Ry Cooder would have covered when he had Bobby King, Terry Evans and Willie Green Jr on backing vocals in his band. Great fun.

    Ella and Basie – This is my last affair Sheer class. Ella Fitzgerald is superlative here, as always. I simply adore her voice and her phrasing is wonderful. she just caresses the words. The ultimate big band singer. The Basie orchestra are more than equal to the task of working with her. Unfortunately, I already know this, otherwise it would be my Pick Of The Week.

    Ornette Coleman – Law Years Some people think that Ornette Coleman is “difficult” or otherwise impossible to like, but I think he is great. I’ve not heard this before but I love its driving rhythmic quality. Brilliant.

    Well, with very big nods to both Mayes and YesBodyElse, this week’s winner is udoubtedly Ornette Coleman

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