Tuesday night family tree challenge #9

Apologies for lateness! This was supposed to be here last night but I was a bit busy yesterday and forgot to schedule it.

Anyway, last week I said that I had two candidates for the challenge and ended up tossing a coin. Therefore this week the challenge concerns last week’s losing artist.

The person I am offering up this week is someone who is surely known to everyone, because he was a member of one of the world’s biggest bands. He was also a session musician who played on a huge number of 1960s hit records and albums by all kinds of people. He doesn’t really need any more introduction because he is Jimmy Page.

There shouldn’t be any shortage of people and bands to link to this week and lots of different types of music too.

Here he is with The Yardbirds performing an early version of a song that became a live classic with Led Zeppelin.

As usual, there is a YouTube playlist, which is here and which will open in a new tab.

22 thoughts on “Tuesday night family tree challenge #9

  1. Just been listening to a playlist of this week’s R/R nominations including an epic version of Kashmir with Plant, Page and various classical and Indian musicians participating. The clip didn’t give their names sadly.

  2. What a lovely choice Carole! Would some of his work as a sessions musician count? I’ll add later when my head has cleared up πŸ™‚

      • Bit late in the series to be asking this but – the family tree thing means we can pick any songs by people he has worked with? They don’t necessarily have to be the actual tracks on which he played?

        • I think it depends. I think it would be fine to pick a Robert Plant track or something by, for example Them Crooked Vultures but stretching it a bit to pick a track by someone where Jimmy was once a session player on one of their other songs.

  3. I have chosen Donovan’s Season of the Witch because Jimmy played session guitar on the album it came from and it pleases me to think he contributed to a track I really like.

  4. Well, spoiled for choice of course. Page was a great guitarist who, unlike Plant, never hit his stride again after the band broke up for tragic reasons. He gave it a shot with another great vocalist, Paul Rodgers, but the Firm’s tunes for me were some kind of tedious MOR rock. Tempted to put one up from Rodgers’ prime like All Right Now, or even Bad Company. But as no one has put up a real Zep tune yet, I’ll put up this beauty written by Page alone, without Plant as co-writer. Remember those fantasy sequences in The Song Remains the Same? Can’t help thinking that, going by Page’s hermit fantasy, that he got exactly what he wanted out of life post-Zep.

    Led Zep – Tangerine

    • such a fab song. Have you heard his live collaboration with the Black Crowes? Live at the Greek I think it’s called, that worked well to my ears πŸ™‚

      • Tangerine is a lovely song, one of my favourites from the album.

        I have owned “Live At The Greek” since it was first released. It is huge fun and, as you say, it is a collaboration that really works well.

      • Yep, I thought about Chris Robinson too. I think I posted a song from that one on here somewhere and horrified some people. Remember the short-lived Coverdale-Page? (I’m not a Whitesnake fan, and I don’t think Coverdale can kiss the hem of vocalists like Plant, Rodgers, or Robinson.)

        I still kinda think that after Zep, Page’s heart just wasn’t in it anymore and his interests lay elsewhere. I remember an interview where he said, well, I think I’ve made my contribution (to music). Yes you have. And if he wants to be a recluse at home with pictures of the Queen on the walls, I have no problem leaving him in peace.

        • Amy – I have the Coverdale/Page album, mainly because I got it cheap in a sale. I don’t care for David Coverdale’s voice, he is a pretty second-rate Plant impersonator, but Jimmy plays some pretty decent guitar on the album. I tend to agree that, after Zep ended, Page lost his way. He made one solo album, which is OK, appeared on albums by a select group of friends and allies and did a bit of film soundtrack work, but the only really notable stuff he’s done has been the couple of Page/Plant collaborations. I think that for Jimmy it is pretty much Zeppelin or Bust. I know he’d love to see the band back together, but Plant isn’t interested, so I suppose Page is pretty much retired. Mind you, I’d be delighted to hear some new music from him if anything ever emerges in the future.

      • Yeah, he basically rehashed the same turf post-Zep. I thought – really, Rodgers showed he could move beyond Free with Bad Company, but the Firm’s stuff was the best these two could cough up? Plant, though, had fantastic post-Zep albums, and never lost his curiosity for music. Just kept exploring amd moving on. I totally get why he had no interest in looking back.

      • I seem to have some vague memory, which might be really wrong, of some mooted collaboration with Jack White. Who could possibly give Page a needed kick in the ass, and Jack could use one himself.

    • p.s. I was going to pick Leona Lewis because she sang with Jimmy Page at the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. But I think that was the extent of their collaboration, sadly.

  5. Learned something cool. Apparently Page played the harmonica and Clapton the guitar for Otis Spann’s Stirs Me Up, which I’ve added. What a lot of musicians Page has played with! Wow.

  6. Well, this week is a gift and the best week so far for me. It has to be JP’s collaboration with Roy Harper on their album “Whatever Happened to Jugula”. I’m choosing “Hangman”.

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