Earworms 8 August 2016

13815653 - bizarre night

A thoughtful and reasonably tranquil wormfest today, don’t expect to be leaping around with the air guitar. Hope you enjoy, and please keep those worms coming in to earworm@tincanland.com. Many thanks.

Shankar Mahadevan – Padipattu – Ravi Raman: Padipattu is sung by devotees who go on a pilgrimage to Sabari Mala, a hill temple in Kerala. Though I have never heard it sung so fantastically. Shankar Mahadevan was trained in Carnatic vocals from an early age and is one of the best of the current lot of singers. He sings in multiple languages and across genres. (Sorry it ends abruptly, have tried to download elsewhere but can’t find a complete version– Ed).

Avishai Cohen – Continuo – AliM: Avishai Cohen is an Israeli bassist, who, after a long struggle, got a break with a record contract with the jazz pianist Chick Corea. He later started his own record label; this is the title track from his 2006 album. Marvellous. And he’s only 46. (Thanks again, Spotify).

Willis Earl Beal – Lust – tincanman: Undefinable mood music from 2015’s Noctunes intended “to aid the brokenhearted to sleep”. I’d say the eccentric Chicagoan is shit at marketing, but he once went around the city handing out flyers with his picture on them advertising for a girlfriend. Lets call him non-traditional.

Lionel Hampton All Stars – Star Dust – goneforeign: I normally wouldn’t offer a 15 minute cut on Earworms but others have got away with it, so what the hell, here goes. Star Dust is often referred to as the greatest title in the jazz repertoire, this live version by Lionel Hampton is far and away the greatest version. I heard it on the radio in the early 60’s and looked everywhere for it but it was no longer available and then one day I found an excellent condition LP, this is it. It’s the Lionel Hampton All Stars, live at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, Aug 4th, 1947. It’s the epitome of swing, discrete swing and what a groove the rhythm section lays down. The highlight is Hamp’s solo which starts at 9.45. He’s amazing, he varies tempo constantly and his inventive improvisations are sheer genius, he set the standard for playing the vibraphone that’s lasted ’til now. As you can gather I LOVE this piece of music.

Image Copyright: shamain / 123RF Stock Photo

8 thoughts on “Earworms 8 August 2016

  1. Sorry about the abrupt ending. As you probably guessed by now I got it via WhatsApp and wanted to share the (old school) breathing techniques taught to Carnatic singers. Shankar has sung with many, many musicians, from A R Rahman & McLaughlin and in a number of languages, from Urdu and English to Tamil . and Malayalam.
    The entire song, with the last 5-10 seconds, is available on You Tube, though wrongly labelled Breathless and with the image of the wrong singer. I’m outside and will listen later on when I get home. Thanks all/Ali.

  2. Well I liked Padipattu very much despite the missing ending. Nice increase in pace as it goes along. The replacement Youtube version wasn’t available so I listened to another one which I think is the same recording. LINK HERE

    Continuo was a bit more subdued at first but kind of stately(?) I think that’s the word I’m grasping for here. Changed quite abruptly to something a bit more frenetic. Liked both parts anyway.

    Lust – well this is pretty odd and no mistake. Quite compelling though. Almost sinister but in a good way. I certainly wouldn’t be lulled to sleep by it.

    Stardust – I do like this version. Possibly not as much as GF does but great playing and some lovely solos not just Hamp’s own. Very appreciative crowd too.

  3. Shankar Mahadevan – Padipattu A shame it just stopped because I was really enjoying this a lot.

    Avishai Cohen – Continuo Some fantastic plank-spanking here and a nice chane of mood and intensity.

    Willis Earl Beal – Lust There was definitely something about this. He’s a musical eccentric and no mistake, and he certainly creates a mood, although I wouldn’t want him hanging around me too much.

    Lionel Hampton All Stars – Star Dust Sheer heaven. I know it was a long piece but I really didn’t want it to stop. Fabulous.

    Some absolutely lovely music this week from everyone. Do I have to pick a winner? It has to be Lionel Hampton.

  4. Avishai Cohen is just excellent. Thanks Ali for the share. He is now on my list of artists to follow this year for certain.
    Lust – Willis Earl Beal: Describing it as atmospheric is so apt, considering that both times I played it, a sharp shower opened up, lasted for the first minute or so of Star Dust and then stopped. How weird is that! Okay I am slightly abuzz so forgive the silliness. But that’s what happened.
    Hampton’s Star Dust is going to be with me for a long time. And I really love long pieces like this. Thanks GF.
    And back to Padipattu: I shared it with another friend, who is also a jazz musician, remarking on the breath control. He directed me to an artist called Trombone Shorty and this clip where he showcases his control. Or what I’m told is “circular breathing.” Fascinating. The clip that follows is him at the age 13 playing with Wynton Marsalis, in which he actually plays the trombone.. . .

    • I should have listed that superb array of All Star soloists on Stardust, it’s:

      Willy Smith – Alto sax
      Charlie Shavers – Trumpet
      Corky Corcoran – Tenor sax
      Slam Stewart – Bass [+ voice]
      Tommy Todd – Piano
      Barney Kessel – Guitar
      Hamp – Vibraphone
      Lee Young – drums
      Hamp always mumbled to himself when playing, I saw him many times and it was always there but it never intruded.

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