16 thoughts on “RR Revisited: Sport (June 9, 2006)

  1. I’ll keep The Fall, which rocked, but i could happily keep Camper Van Beethoven too. I’ll toss Jorge Ben Jor, because i’m not sexy enough for the Latin beat.

    Lotta songs about running, some basketball and swmming. But i’m an X and winter sport kinda girl. Sorely tempted to go for Avril Lavinge’s Sk8er Boi, but i’ll inject some missing old school rock and go for Jethro Tull’s Skating Away.

  2. Oh! I have time to do something RR-related!

    Lot’s of songs to save but I’ll go for Roy Harper.

    I’ll add in The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme” (12″ version)

    The Bonzo Dog Band can go and read Mallarme.

  3. Never (this is blasphemy) liked that Kirsty McColl song much and it’s only just on topic but I think I’d dump Yello as it went on for so long and made so little impact on me.
    Save the Roy Harper (Camper Van B a close second).

    My favourite sport is tennis but I don’t know any songs about it that I actually like. Not even that one about Venus Williams. I’m tempted to pick Delaney’s Donkey on the grounds that it’s about a race but I’d probably find it voted straight out again. I’ll come back tomorrow after a bit of a think.

  4. Thanks both – I feel better about it now.

    I’ll stop scrabbling about and pick one I actually listen to a lot even though it only just qualifies as a song.

    Half Man Half Biscuit – The Referee’s Alphabet

    especially the bit about kissing the badge

  5. Keep: CVB
    Lose: Teddy
    Add: Wire – single ko

    was thinking about miaow – sport most royal from the C86 tape. like Love TKO not sure it’s really about a sport though.

    i realise i don’t seem to know that many tracks i like about sport, unless i’m forgetting them. obviously there’s all the best of the world cup stuff, world in motion, 3 lions, this time (we’ll get it right) 🙂

  6. There are surprisingly few decent songs about sport that I know but I will keep Camper Van Beethoven, lose Roy Harper and replace it with The Wrestler by Springsteen which is one of the few sporting songs I rate

  7. Not quite sure how this thread works, as I’ve never had the time to join in, but surely this is the opportunity to give a [semi-]formal leg-up to Megson’s The Longshot, isn’t it?

  8. I’ll protect Roy as well and suggest instead of the Fall, The Duckworth Lewis Method with Jiggery Pokery, an endearing memory of the skill of Shane Warne in cricket. Well the whole of both their albums are appropriate.

  9. Saved Yello (new album soon: yay!) & added some Barmy Army as Tackhead’s The Game wasn’t available.

    (Not that anyone is likely to still be keeping score by this point).

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