Tuesday night family tree challenge #10

This week I am picking someone who is not particularly known as a solo artist, although she has released a few solo albums, but who is a major session musician and has featured in the music of many artists.

Her instrument is the bass guitar, although she also plays guitar and clarinet. Here is a photo of her with David Bowie and she is Gail Ann Dorsey.

Here is a track from her solo album “I Used To Be…..”

The playlist is here, and will open in a new window.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday night family tree challenge #10

      • Can’t find a video of GofF’s First World Citizen – just the whole album it’s from which would clutter up the playlist a bit. So I’ve picked a live Tears For Fears clip of Woman In Chains with Gail playing bass and on additional (not exactly backing) vocals. Sound quality isn’t perfect I’m afraid.

  1. New to me (not a Bowie fan) but had a look, and there she is with the Indigo Girls, singing “Midnight Train to Georgia” with Emily Saliers. Great stuff. I’ll add it to the playlist.

  2. Absolutely new to me. Discovered some new stuff so thanks for that. Apparently she played with Charlie Watts. I have not found a link yet on YouTube and will either add something from their collaboration or something else.

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