Earworms 15 August 2016

26798110 - javanese flute man playing javanese bamboo flute

Good morning, good morning. I was (finally) going to have a few days away this week, but my poor old cat is feeling feeble, so I’m still here. I’m glad to say Sparky is still here too, and managed a fish finger yesterday. Here’s some music to sooth and restore the spirits of even the most elderly cat. Thanks to all contributors, and please keep the worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

Misha Marah feat. Fatih: Ik zie jou in kleur – abahachi: The Flemish Top 50 currently features a weird mixture of Ibiza-style summery Europop, an awful lot of Schlager and a number of foreign language versions of familiar songs; Sting’s tedious Fields of Gold is substantially improved when transformed into Vlammse Velden (‘Fields of Flanders’) with a female singer, and this Dylan number definitely benefits from the rap bits…

Yusef Lateef (aka William Evans) – Bamboo Flute Blues – Ravi Raman: Suggested by a local iTunes/Spotify kinda service. I don’t know whether they saw too many songs/albums with Blues in the title or whether it was because I like flautists in general. Anyway much to my surprise I learned well after buying that Yusef Lateef is an American saxophonist who played with Cannonball Adderley, Art Blakey, Dizzy Gillespie and many more. Published in 1965 and it still sounds fresh to me 50 years on.

Cannonball Adderley Quintet – Mercy, Mercy, Mercy – goneforeign: Sometime in the early ’60’s, around maybe 1962 I saw Cannonball at a small club in San Diego on a Saturday night. The mood was exactly like this, great music and a great crowd. This was recorded a few years later. One image sticks in my mind, it’s of the look of total adoration that Nat had for his big brother whenever he soloed. The quintet is: Cannonball Adderley – Alto saxophone; Nat Adderley – Cornet; Joe Zawinul – Piano, Wurlitzer electric piano; Victor Gaskin – Bass; Roy McCurdy – Drums.

Steampacket – Cry Me A River – tincanman: Yes, this is one of the 250+ adaptations of the 1955 Julie London hit. Steampacket was formed by Long John Baldry in 1965 as a vehicle for a young busker named Rod Stewart and lasted a whole year and a half. Singer-actor Julie Driscoll and versatile organist Brian Auger completed the line-up.

Nina Simone – For all we Know – goneforeign: Another where Nina shows her Bach roots. There’s a good documentary about her on Netflix that’s worth seeing and then there’s that other, the UK production that looks like a total waste.

Ryan Teague – Cascades – AliMunday: Soundcloud tells me that Ryan Teague is a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Bristol. He also produces music and sound design for film & TV productions and has spent time in Indonesia studying Javanese Gamelan Music (so a possible link with the bamboo flute)? This is delicate and evocative, it’s from his 2012 album “Field Drawings”.

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14 thoughts on “Earworms 15 August 2016

  1. Misha Marah feat. Fatih – Ik zie jou in kleur Hmmmmm ….. it makes me understand why the Walloons don’t like the Flemings much (This may be a joke comment). It was what I’d have to call cheesy Europop.

    Yusef Lateef (aka William Evans) – Bamboo Flute Blues A lovely small exquisite piece. So atmospheric.

    Cannonball Adderley Quintet – Mercy, Mercy, Mercy Not heard this in years. Brilliant stuff. I just love the way it builds up, driven by Joe Zawinul’s electric piano. So good to hear it again.

    Steampacket – Cry Me A River Ah! A bit of Long John Baldry, who was one of my Tuesday Night Challenges. This is great, mainly because of Brian Auger’s organ, but Long John sings up a storm.

    Nina Simone – For all we Know I know this one too. Nina Simone is always interesting.

    Ryan Teague – Cascades Yes, this is very delicate and evocative, I really like it a lot.

    OK, so what is my fave? I think it has to be Yusef Lateef but he was run close by Ryan Teague.

  2. I’m sort of partial to Joe Cocker’s version of Cry Me a River and Ryan Teague sounds fresh and wonderful to me. As for Cannonball Adderley, how I envy you GF – having seen all these legends perform.

    • Ravi: Thanks for your continuing interest. I was born at the right time and I discovered jazz very early on and soon thereafter I made a major discovery. Back then many musical performances were held in cinemas in the afternoon, when the show ended and the lights came up everyone left via the door they came in. I noticed that the musicians always left via a door to the side of the stage and that there were 3-4 steps leading up to the stage: I decided to follow the band.
      I was was in my mid teens and very enthusiastic to learn everything there was about this new [to me] music, backstage the musicians were always very welcoming and keen to talk about their music and I was keen to listen. Thus started a lifetime pursuit. As a result over the years I’ve met many/most of the major artists that I love, Basie, Duke, Hamp, Miles, Bechet, Ray Charles, Nina Simone, Bob Marley, plus of course all their band members to name just a few. And then I became a photographer so I started photographing everyone I met and it became a second career.
      Sadly that was the only time I sever saw Cannonball live and I was with a group of friends so there was no backstage that night.
      There can’t be too many albums with BLUES in their titles, the majority of my entire collection is grounded in the blues, I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately.

  3. I recognise the tune of Ik zie jou in kleur but I can’t place it. Translates as “I see you in colour” which doesn’t help. Well I liked it anyway – not the rap bits so much to be honest.
    I lIked Bamboo Flute Blues very much. Like Carole said, very atmospheric.
    Mercy, Mercy, Mercy – Oh I didn’t expect to know this but I must have heard it many years ago because it sounds like an old friend. Love it.
    Cry Me a River I liked – but not like I love the Julie London original. Good bluesy version though.
    For All We Know – This was bliss. Wonderful stuff. Can’t beat it.
    Cascades – That was rather lovely.

    All good but Nina Simone my pick if you twist my arm.

  4. Another sweet selection.
    Yusef Lateef – lovely, and reminds me how much I used to listen to him – must dig the LPs out of the lockup! And the Cannonball Adderley reminded me that I don’t go to enough jazz gigs! So evocative of smoke filled basements… Liked the Cascades too – reminds me of childhood and those music boxes. My sister had one with a ballerina twirling on a round mirror – remember those? Thanks gang!

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