RR Movies: School

I sense Shoey’s RR:Revisted series is perhaps running out of steam, so I’ll consciously uncouple it from my movie follow-up series and simply pick topics from the Marconium. Until we all get bored…..

The first RR topic ever (and Shoey’s first re-visitation) was Change and the second one was School. An obsession of the US film industry – just watch those hormones kick in! –  British and European takes on the subject tend to be a little more serious and/or sinister. Lindsay Anderson’s If, for example, or last year’s The Falling, from Carol Morley:

What school-based films would you recommend?

14 thoughts on “RR Movies: School

  1. Hmm. Educating Rita first though, as well as a couple that i haven’t seen – The Paper Chase, Heathers, and Dead Poet’s Society come to mind. But barring a better option that comes to mind, offhand i’ll probably go for a snotnosed American comedy like Animal House, Dazed and Confused, or American Pie.

  2. ‘Kes’ and ‘If’ (if you’re a toff) stand out as the best English versions with all the bullying and hatred that encompass most people’s schooldays, plus if you want to go back a bit in time ‘Hue and Cry’ is a good old fashioned romp !!

  3. Doh ! Forgot probably the best of the lot ‘ The Best Years of our Lives ‘ with the incomparable Margaret Rutherford and Alastair Sim (and Joyce Grenfell), an absolute classic !

  4. If I had to endorse any from this list, they’d be ;
    “The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie”
    Dead Poet’s Society
    To sir with love.

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