Tuesday night family tree challenge #11

Last week’s challenge seemed to stump everyone, so this week I am going unashamedly populist.

Allegedly the only teenage footballer ever to turn up to play for Man City wearing eyeliner, he is one of the best-known musicians to emerge from the 1980s indie boom.

We all know him, he is Johnny Marr. He’s played with loads of people, so finding links is surely going to be easy.

Here is a track from his 2013 solo album, The Messenger.

Here is a link to the playlist

19 thoughts on “Tuesday night family tree challenge #11

  1. I really want to put up Girlfriend in a Coma because the guitarwork is so gorgeous, but that’s too easy. So (not sure if this is a cheat), he played this one live with these guys.

    Oasis – Champagne Supernova

  2. Seconding Electronic, naturally. There were so many great Marr collaborations in the nineties, on the other hand I never really got into any of his more recent work.
    Here’s a concert appearance for Matt Johnson’s The The with some very nice wah-wah pedal.

    Marr also worked as co-composer for The The on Mind Bomb and Dusk, perhaps my favourite title from those two albums would be Slow Emotion Replay. Some rare Marrmonica on this one too.

  3. For me, Mr Marr’s contributions to Kirstyworld were sublime. I’ll pick You and Me Baby, from Kite, as a simple example. He weaves his guitar beautifully around her voices (with added Dave Gilmour).

    • I’ve had that album since its release and I never realised that Marr was on it! Probably why I’m absolutely crap at this game… šŸ˜‰

  4. Picking up on The The / Matt Johnson it is claimed that he was an early drummer for Essex Oi ban Anti-Establishment. I don’t think he actually recorded with them though but this is them

    But I’m not actually convinced. I looked up his biog online once and there was no mention of it but more to the point he already seemed to be active doing electronic stuff at the time Anti Establishment started out. It’s not like there wouldn’t have been other Matt Johnsons.

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