Let me just make a comment on today’s headline, “Jeff Bridges Lists California Compound for $29.5 Million.”‘ First off that compound was in Montecito, possibly/probably the most exclusive, most expensive location for serious ‘old’ money’ in Southern Califorornia. If you made your money before  the ’29 crash you invested in Montecito. The Kennedy’s had their honeymoon in Montecito.  The place is nothing but mansions and palaces all the way from the Pacific to to the mountain top.

Sometime in the 70’s/80’s a friend of mine decided to hook me, a desirable ’30s batchelor, up with her best friend,  a mid ’30’s rich divorcee living in Montecito. We sort of hit it off. I spent weekends in Montecito.  I’d drive up in my old Porsche after work on Friday and drive back Monday morning. We’d walk down to the Vanderbilt hotel on the beach on a Sunday morning for breakfast, we’d walk through the the back alleys past the open garage doors revealing the old Rolls, the Bentley’s, The Duesenbergs, the Bugatti’s and the classic Mercedes et al. For a classic car freak like me it was drool time, to hell with breakfast, I’d rather stop and talk to the millionaires about their cars.  But we’d always have breakfast at the Vanderbilt. The Vanderbilt was the showcase of the hotel chain, their original hotel.

One day she suggested that we should go away for a holiday together, I said ” How about Rio?” She said “I wasn’t thinking about anything quite like  that”  so I compromised and said ” Then how about Mexico City? So Mexico city it became and there’s a whole string of separate stories about that adventure.

But that was my adventure with Montecito in in the 70’s, didn’t know that ‘the dude’ was a neighbor. What did you expect, that he’d list it as a $400,000 shack?

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