Earworms 22 August 2016

42499157 - wasps nest hanging in a tree

Another week begins – thanks to those who enquired about my pussy – NO tittering at the back there – I’m glad to say he is doing quite well, for an elderly chap. You’ve all been doing well too, topping up the earworm bank a bit, so thanks for that too. Please keep ’em coming to earworm@tincanland.com, and I hope these get your week off to a cheerful start. (Is it me, or does that wasp’s nest look like some kind of rotund, bald, koala bear?)

The Monkees – Me and Magdalena (version 2) – severin: If somebody had asked me, at the beginning of the year, to name artists who might make my favourite album of 2016 I would have been stumped. It’s just possible that after tentatively naming Olivia Chaney, Kim Churchill and all the ex members of Katzenjammer (plus a few more Norwegians) I might have sat with my mouth open for a while and finally said “The Monkees” for a bit of a joke. Not a joke any longer. Their new album is certainly in my top three so far this year and this particular song is quite sublime. Two versions of it were recorded. This one is only available on the deluxe edition of the CD – or downloadable on its own of course. If pushed the more acoustic version 1 is even better but frankly it is hard to choose.

Warpaint – New Song – CaroleBristol: Warpaint are headlining the Simple Things Festival in Bristol in October, and they also have a new album due out. This track is a lot more bouncy and poppy than much of their previous music and I think that this works well, but I do love their floaty, shoegazing stuff a lot.

Culture – Behold – goneforeign: This morning I had a serious ear worm, out of nowhere the line “I come quickly” was repeating in my brain. Neither google nor Wiki were helpful though they did give me the biblical source. I kept thinking it was Bob and then out of nowhere the penny dropped, it was Culture. True enough, when I opened iTunes there it was, “Behold”. Good old Joseph Hill. Enjoy. “This world is like a mirror / Reflecting what you do / And if you face it smiling / It will smile right back to you / So do unto others as you would have them do to you / So that your days / Will be many, many years much longer / He said behold, behold, I come quickly”.

Roger Glover feat. Ronnie James Dio: Love Is All – abahachi: Rock stars did some very odd things back in the 1970s, such as recording concept albums based on the children’s poem The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper’s Feast. If, as I strongly suspect, Deep Purple’s Roger Glover has spent much of his spare time in the last three decades trying to destroy all the evidence, he might be interested to know that Belgian radio still has a copy of this single and plays it regularly.

Willie Dixon – 88 Boogie – Ravi Raman: From a re-issue of a classic blues album and one that I just picked up. Jive blues packed into just over 2:30 minutes.

Ray Wylie Hubbard – Wasp’s Nest – tincanman: Settin’ on a porch version of There’s A Hole In My Bucket with crunchy guitar.

Image Copyright: natara / 123RF Stock Photo

11 thoughts on “Earworms 22 August 2016

  1. The Monkees – Me and Magdalena (version 2) I had absolutely no idea that The Monkees had reformed or recorded an album. This was really very nice. I’d never had known it was them, though.

    Culture – Behold Ah, Culture. One of the reggae acts that soundtracked the punk and early post-punk years in the UK. The Two Sevens Clash album was pretty much obligatory listening in 1977. This was on their second album, I think. Anyway, it brings back some good memories.

    Roger Glover feat. Ronnie James Dio – Love Is All I remember this, unhappily. It is very sub-Sgt. Pepper stuff, isn’t it? I had a friend when I was in the 6th Form at school who had a book of The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper’s Feast, with loads of fanciful pictures. Such things were popular back then.

    Willie Dixon – 88 Boogie I couldn’t get this to play, but I found it on YouTube. Great stuff. Presumably it is Willie himself on the upright bass? This is another one of those songs that get called the origin of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

    Ray Wylie Hubbard – Wasp’s Nest I am not familiar with Ray Wylie Hubbard, but perhaps I should be. I rather like the zippy slide guitar work. It kind of reminds me of the playing on the Nazareth cover of Vigilante Man.

    I think that this week the award for victor ludorum goes to The Monkees

  2. Warpaint – That was great. Is it not representative? I do like that shoegazer sound too so will look their stuff out.
    Culture – Can’t go far wrong with Joseph Hill’s voice. This is a classic of course.
    Roger Glover etc – Yikes. This is even more peculiar than I remember. The reviews at the time had a lot of fun with this. A conversation piece.
    Willie Dixon – I love this piano sound. The songs that weren’t quite yet R&R are some of my favourites.
    Ray Wylie Hubbard – Ugh! Wasps! This is uncompromisingly bluesy innit? Doomy and quite relentless. Fantastic guitar. I like it.

    Here is version 1 of the Monkees song. Written by the bloke from Death Cab for Cutie I forgot to mention in all my blather. Most of the songs on the album are new ones written for them by (fairly) contemporary songwriters.

  3. Very bouncy start. Liked them all including Roger Glover, who I am willing to forgive for a lot, if only because he brought Deep Purple twice here and Jethro Tull once, apart from a lot of other “lesser” names.
    Which reminds me of the heads up Ali gave me about The Aristocrats’ India tour next month. Bangalore show completely sold out. The friend who supposedly bought my ticket now claims to have been strong-armed by his son. And there is an all India college festival that weekend in Bangalore. Maybe we’ll just go and park outside, listen to the CD and pretend we are all rocking inside.

    • That might be almost as good – I did the same with the Rolling Stones years ago, sat outside in the park, in the sun, with a picnic and a beer … only thing we didn’t realise was that we were sat very near to the fireworks / thunderflashes which they set off at the end of the gig. Deaf for days afterwards!

      • Now I find out that the show is on the rooftop. The theatre apparently specialises in comedy shows. Don’t know if the organisers/band are aware of each other. Should be interesting in any case.

  4. Ah, another bunch of retired old folks who have seen their savings dwindle since the crash, and are forced to go back out to work. “Hey, hey, we are the surviving Monkees”. Liked the jingle jangle feel.

    I was raving about Warpaint when their first album came out. Then they fell off my radar – so much good music out there. Must look into the new album – really liked this dreamy sample. There is a lot of good music coming out of LA.

    The Willie Dixon track is a great reminder that the roots of a genre are always worth going back to. Seemed as much the seed of RnB as rock n roll. I bet this is on Keef’s playlist.

    The perfect summer song – a song about wasps! Great languid rasping drawl from both Hubbard and his gee tar. For some reason this reminded me of Robert Johnson’s “Come on in my kitchen”, so I went off to listen to that too!

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