10 thoughts on “RR Revisited: Lies (September 29, 2006)

  1. Could happily keep the Castaways or even Depeche Mode, but since no one else probably will, I’ll keep LL Cool J. Could happily toss Randy Newman, but i’ll toss Manu Chao.

    Passing on the crappy Stones tune and the Eurythmics one that i could do without. Tempted to go for Nirvana’s Where Did You Sleep Last Night, but i’ll go for Michel’le – No More Lies.

    (So Shoey, did you have a particular one of our politicians in mind here? If so, i really can’t guess which one.)

  2. Poor Randy. That was the fifth song I ever got playlisted in R/R but it’s looking like a lost cause in this game!

    Instead I’ll copy Amy and save LL Cool J as it’s the kind of rap I remember enjoying before I kind of lost the plot. I do like that stripped down sound, not much more than the drum track and voice.

    Liked the Manu Cao although I’ve no idea what he’s singing about. Gave it the benefit of the doubt.

    Dump Big Black. wasn’t too keen on that

    Add Junior Murvin – False Teachin’

  3. erm, chuck the Carol Fran

    Save Bad Penny from Sev’s clutches

    Add a huge slice of misery Me ves y sufres – hope of the states.

  4. Let’s have some cowpunksouthernboogie by a man in a big hat, just to redress the attack on men in big hats. Though the video had more mullets per millisecond than was necessary – even for 1984.

    I’ll save Big Black because they were abrasive and thrilling in equal parts and that’s some mighty evil lying.

    I’ll dump Nina Simone because she’s confessing her love but being devious by saying it’s a sin to lie. Who says it’s a sin? Catch 22. And that instrumental break is dead nice, but does nowt for me in advancing the meaning of the song.

    Oooh! Should I go for when “Love Breaks Down”. Nah! Let’s keep it noisy.

    That video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51y8BtH1-6E

  5. I’ll add some Built To Spill & stick the new list so far up (Did “Sport” too, which I neglected during the olympics)

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