RR Movies: Lies

I’ll continue following Shoey’s train, as I said I would last week*, and ask for films about lies.

My first thought was Festen, in which terrible truths are revealed at a wedding, but that may be more about keeping secrets than telling lies (a bit of nit-picking that also rules out Mike Leigh’s great Secrets And Lies). I considered Compliance, in which an unseen authority figure lies to see how easy it is to humiliate a burger shop employee (answer: all too easy), but have settled on Philomena. It’s the true story of how the Catholic Church in Ireland lied (and continued to lie for decades) about the fate of the babies they took from ‘unwed mothers’. It’s shockingly good.

What films about lies would you recommend?

*Oh, no I didn’t….

26 thoughts on “RR Movies: Lies

  1. I think that I shall go with Atonement, based upon the novel of the same name by Ian McEwen. I think it is probably his best novel and I enjoyed the film, surprisingly perhaps because it starts Keira Knightley, who I think is a terrible actor, although her somewhat glacial, wooden style works well in the role of Cecilia Tallis.

      • There is no one truth, as i remember it. All accounts are ultimately self-serving and subjective in the end i think. It’s been a long time since i’ve seen it though.

    • I was reluctant to go see this primarily because of the language and I was wary of the talk among Madras movie buffs. A friend dragged me to this film. Total eye-opener.
      My suggestion would be Mystic River or maybe even Shutter Island.

  2. Greetings from hot’n’sunny Barcelona. (Bit TOO hot last night; I accidentally turned the aircon off and haven’t slept well.)
    Apologies for lowering the intellectual bar rather, but my first two thoughts were:
    The Departed
    Aliens (yes, the second one).

    The dual leads undercover roles make the first one obvious, and to explain the second – Ripley is told massive porkies to coerce her into going, and then again about The Company’s intentions up on the planet. Newt’s constant truths form a counterpoint between truth and lies: innocence of youth, etc., etc.
    Or am I already shoehorning on my first contribution to the thread series?


    • The Departed was great. But this was a problem I had with a lot of the crime type films I thought of – when I thought about it more I pegged them as more about deception than outright lies. This topic was harder than it seemed at first.

  3. The Last Seduction just popped into my mind. Bridget (aka Wendy) lies to anyone and everyone to get her way. She succeeds, too. What a magnificent bitch! (That is a word I detest but, in this case, it’s the only one that does the job.)

  4. Glengarry Glen Ross probably would work.

    The Third Man, didn’t somebody lie about the crime scene?

    Angels and Insects, but I can’t remember if she lied about her kids being her husband’s and not her brother’s, or just let him think it.

  5. How about “Gaslight”, where Charles Boyer tries to convince Ingrid Bergman that she is going insane, so that he can search for the jewels that belonged to her aunt (whom he murdered). I think. Spooked me out, as a child, my mother liked to watch the old films!

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