Earworms 29 August 2016

36291932 - white baroque sculpture of a man on the roof of a historic building on a background of green dome in vienna, austria

A long and eclectic mix for you this week, starting with a Dropbox link from tincanman. Many thanks for the worms; please keep them coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

Peter Broderick – In A Landscape – tincanman – This is just out and will be of interest to the John Cage set among us 🙂 Well out of my league, so to paraphrase http://goo.gl/R37zMe a quintessential John Cage composition is the starting point for a new journey by a Portland, Oregon multiinstrumentalist wonder boy.


p8514 – Green Dome Rides Again – glasshalfempty: Nostalgia is a powerful thing. A mate of mine has bought a Moog synth for old time’s sake, and is doing some good stuff with it. Here’s a track from him that has a nice blend of electronica, trip hop and jazz. You can hear more on his Soundcloud page – search for p8514.

FKA Twigs – Good To Love – severin: I was bowled over by 2014’s Two Weeks. This song (released this year) is perhaps, a little more “mainstream” but just as haunting.

Andrew Bird & Fiona Apple – Left Handed Kisses – tincanman: Pair a couple of eccentrics, as on this song from Bird’s latest (Are You Serious), and you’re asking for trouble. Neither the audio nor the official video come close to doing it justice. This does: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0QjhPYC-LE (Maybe we should revive light opera for pop artists like this).

Sam Mangwana and Franco – Co-operation – goneforeign: When  François Luambo Luanzo Makiadi – Franco formed his first group back in 1955 he called his band, Tout Puissant Orchestre Kinshasa jazz, this evolved into TPOK Jazz and the name stuck. In 1972 Sam Mangwana joined the band as lead singer, he became hugely popular. In 1982 he and Franco came together again to record this song – ‘Co-operation’, it’s an absolutely wonderful example of Congo Rhumba.

Bickram Ghosh – Carnatic Tabla Taal Aadi Taal – Ravi Raman: Bickram Ghosh is a hugely influential and prolific musician/composer and master percussionist. Here he uses his tabla to play out Aadi Taal*, literally the primary beat, used mainly in Carnatic music. Also he manages to make the tabla sound like the mridangam until towards the end when he lets himself go. Fusion kept within India!
*For those interested there is a small clip on You Tube where Ravi Shankar and Allah Rakha explain the structure of taal.

Motorpsycho – Lacuna / Sunrise – AliM: Motorpsycho are a Norwegian band, “a unique blend of grunge, heavy metal and indierock, as well as incorporating the sonic noise experiments of associated member Deathprod” according to wikipedia. This is from their 2016 album “Here Be Monsters” which evolved from music they wrote for the Oslo Teknisk Museum’s birthday.

Image Copyright: <a href=’http://www.123rf.com/profile_alexabelov’>alexabelov / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

9 thoughts on “Earworms 29 August 2016

  1. Great crop for the bank holiday! And hangs together surprisingly well, partly no doubt as it was mostly instrumental.

    The Broderick was lovely – not quite the challenging sound I was expecting from Tinny’s intro.

    The FKA Twigs track was tremendous, and makes me want to hear more of her, so I will explore. Reminds me a bit of Birdy, which is “a very good thing”.

    ‘Left handed kisses’ was featured in the Great Room session that I posted on Facebook the other day, funnily enough. I can’t get enough of Andrew Bird’s intelligent eclectic off-kilter stuff.

    Franco was a giant of African music. I think I was first turned on to him by Magicman, and really liked this track, which I hadn’t come across before.

    The Bickram Ghosh was a tour de force. I love the tabla, but rarely hear it as much more than exotic background to the wonders of the sitar, so to hear it ‘naked’ from a virtuoso was exhilarating.

    Despite the name Motorpsycho, and the blurb from wiki, this was actually a delightfully soothing and mellifluous track – I wonder if the source offers more in that vein?

    Keep ’em coming, gang…

  2. Peter Broderick – In A Landscape This is rather lovely. I find the crossover between the classical avant garde and contemporary post-rock and ambient music really interesting. This is reminiscent of A Winged Victory For The Sullen and Nils Frahm. Looking the piece up, I thought it interesting to discover that Cage composed the original in 1948.

    p8514 – Green Dome Rides Again This flows on rather nicely from the previous piece. I like the loose rambling nature of this. Your mate is pretty good. I shall look up his Soundcloud.

    FKA Twigs – Good To Love Whenever I hear FKA Twigs, I think that I need to listen to more of her music. This was good.

    Andrew Bird & Fiona Apple – Left Handed Kisses This was nice enough but I think it suffered from coming after what went before. I need to listen to it again on its own.

    Sam Mangwana and Franco – Co-operation I like this one a lot. There was a lot of good stuff coming out of Francophone West Africa in the 1980s.

    Bickram Ghosh – Carnatic Tabla Taal Aadi Taal This wouldn’t play for me. I’ll try and find it on YouTube later.

    Motorpsycho –Lacuna / Sunrise I like the way this starts out and gradually builds up. It has a sort of pre-DSOTM Pink Floyd feel about it in places, and it also reminds me a lot of Nektar, circa 1972-3. I am becoming a big fan of the current wave of retro-prog music.

    This is a tricky week to have to pick a favourite. So much lovely music, but I am going to give it to Motorpsycho because I really enjoyed what they were doing. Lovely bass and keyboards especially, and I loved the long guitar passage.

  3. Peter Broderick – In A Landscape and p8514 – Green Dome Rides Again: I have no doubt that I’ll be revisiting these two for some time to come. I love Moog music and will definitely explore the Soundcloud page.
    Standout tracks were the FKA Twigs – Good To Love and Sam Mangwana and Franco – Co-operation. Left Handed Kisses .. mm not so much.
    Motorpsycho – Lacuna / Sunrise – I too expected something else and was pleasantly surprised.
    Thanks again Ali for putting together a lovely playlist. These weekly airings are definitely something I look forward to.
    And that Avishai Cohen music you shared earlier – been listening to it since Friday. Beautiful. Lovely share. So an especial thanks for that too.

  4. I think they’re all rather fine this week. I particularly like Franco and FKA Twigs but it’s hard to call. “Left Handed Kisses” didn’t get me on first listen but then it popped up in my iTunes on shuffle, and I thought “Wow, that’s really good!” Glad you like the Avishai Cohen Ravi, thought it would be up your street.

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