Earworms 5 September 2016

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Well here we are, September already, back to school, darker evenings and all that. Still plenty to look forward to, and we start with this week’s earworms, which have a slightly French flavour. Thanks to all contributors, and please keep the earworms coming in to earworm@tincanland.com.

The Sundays – Summertime – CaroleBristol: So, summer is coming to an end for another year. I turned the calendar over a page and weirdly it made me think of this song, which I’ve not played in years. I’m left wishing I’d thought of it back in June. Perfect summery pop from the late, lamented Sundays.

Sandy Denny –Écoute Écoute – severin: From her 1972 release, “Sandy” which I bought in 2006. A bit late but I got there in the end. I do like it when she sings in French.

Christine & The Queens – Christine – tincanman: Irresistible French technopop that has resurfaced for some reason. I thought the chorus was about not jumping by the pool, but she (Héloïse Letissier) is singing in French that (according to google translate) she doesn’t much like Heaven because it’s nonsense and so is sorry she began her book at the end. (I think meaning spoils pop songs anyway).

Alain Stivell – Suite Irelandaise – AliM: Alain Stivell is a Breton and Celtic musician and master of the Celtic harp, which he helped to revive. He was the precursor of Celtic rock. This is from his beautiful 1970 album, “Reflets”.

George Benson – White Rabbit/California Dreamin’ – Ravi Raman: Jazz Legends: Guitars is a super album with originals and covers from a large number of artists. Here it is George Benson.

The Mighty Diamonds – Pass The Kutchie – goneforeign: The kutchie is obviously the bong, though that word wasn’t much used in Ja. It was released in 1981 on their album ‘Changes’, the beautiful album cover was by my friend and fellow DJ Donna, that was about the time I started shooting for the Diamonds.

James McMurtry – We Can’t Make It Here- tincanman: Pretty good throwback protest song in the vein of Country Joe, Stephen Stills, et al. The laconic voice takes the sting out of his words – for a while; after a minute or so I found myself getting pissed off myself. Not that anyone will listen.

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7 thoughts on “Earworms 5 September 2016

  1. This is a very odd selection of earworms for me this week, because I think that I’ve actually heard all of them before, with two exceptions. I will admit to probably having only heard the George Benson once or twice, and I’ve not heard the Alan Stivell one in a very long time but I do remember it. I’ve always thought that you have to pass the kouchie from the left hand side (i.e anti-clockwise) so that it is going in the opposite direction to the port, which has to be passed clockwise. That would be some dinner party!

    That leave the two new ones, which are Christine & The Queens and James McMurtry. The latter is unfortunately very accurate, if hugely depressing. Not sure that I have any answers to the issues he raises. To be honest, I am not sure what answers exist. McMurty clearly doesn’t think that Trump or Brexit are sensible responses to globalisation. I’d make this my choice of the week, but it just makes me feel impotenty angry, bitter and depressed, so I am going to have to go with Christine & The Queens instead.

  2. Ecoute, Ecoute: absolutely no clue as to what she is singing about but I can listen to her on loop. What a voice! Any other week I may have plumped for Alain Stivell or The Sundays.
    The McMurtry song’s lyrics remind me of a Tamil folk singer called Kovan who was arrested under the Sedition law used widely during the Independence movement. Very different styles but ideas pretty much the same.
    Thanks Ali and everybody.

  3. I had never heard the Alan Stivell or the George Benson before and didn’t expect to enjoy either as much as I did. James McMurty’s voice sounded a bit like a young Johnny Cash to me. Can’t fault his sentiments or accuracy but not something I would listen to very often. Well written and performed though. Mighty Diamonds very familiar with – and the Brit cover version about the cooking pot!
    Sundays and Christine & the Queens were pure enjoyment and my picks of this week.

  4. Nothing I didn’t enjoy, but after listening to James McMurty’s campaign song for Bernie and Jeremy, I think the Sundays pip it, cos we need a sunny pop love song to keep us going. Yes, I think I fit the song’s description of the implied ideal partner – an “angry old man with dishevelled hair” (Now, with added wah wah!)

  5. I liked Christine and the Diamonds best. I love Sandy Denny, but some of her solo releases work better than others for me, the one featured is not one of my favourites, unfortunately.

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