RR Movies: Scandal

I was hoping that we’d done hubris or hypocrisy but no, the nearest I’m going to get to this week’s gob-smacking example of both is scandal.

OK, there are no oranges or gimp masks involved, but the revelations about Mr Vaz’s private tastes have scandalised many newspaper editors and once again chipped away at the image that people in politics are beacons of truth and integrity.

At least he didn’t break the law. Dirk Bogarde did, and did so when homophobia was not only accepted but expected. People were scandalised by a lot less back then.


What films about scandal get you worked up?

18 thoughts on “RR Movies: Scandal

  1. I’m not entirely sure which current scandal that you’re talking about, it it a UK based one? But here’s a film that’s been on my mind a lot lately due to its parallels to our current political situation and the ugly pickle that we’re in. I’m personally feeling like Howard Beale pissing in the wind here, joined by all sane Americans left represented by the New Yorkers joining Beale in yelling out of their windows. Our media is pure shit, all compromised beyond salvagability in search of clickbait.

    The scandal in the film – Communications Corporation of America (CCA), the conglomerate that owns UBS, will be bought out by an even larger Saudi Arabian conglomerate.

    Seems that both of our frontrunners are in hock to the Saudis, never mind the Russians or Israelis.

    I reckon we’ll all end up like poor Howard too – sacrificed on the altar for ratings and donor debts.

    Paddy Chayefsky – Network

    • Oh yeah, there were other scandals too, of the mor classical variety – Faye Dunaway’s affair with Ned Beatty causing him to leave his wife, and many more. I’m not calling the ending a scandal, because it was done on air.

      • Oh we’ve had a couple of those. Jim McGreevey comes to mind, former governor of NJ, but the one that really hurt was Eliot Spitzer. Former governor of NY, formerly NY state AG and the best one we’ve ever had. Unfortunately was sampling the merch of a prostitution ring (not male, though) while building a case against them.

  2. And i just thought of a better one, albeit not with any obvious parallels to a current situation. Chinatown, the scandal being John Huston’s affair with his daughter Faye, and the resultant daughter.

  3. Ooh, another one – Hitchcock’s Rope was a sort of oblique take on the Leopold / Loeb murder case, but Ton Kalin’s Swoon was probably a better one.

    • Spotlight is an involving and worthy watch, yet it sidesteps any actual accounts of what went on, concentrating instead on the journalistic efforts to discover the scale of the corruption and cover-up.

      I was thinking more along the lines of scandals caused by inappropriate personal activity, along the lines of Anthony Wiener maybe, about whom there is now a documentary.

      • Yeah, it’s supposed to be pretty good. But as a scandal, what he did is pretty small beer. Seems more interesting from from a psychological perspective. His wife is involved in some Clinton scandals that have potentially more damaging implications for the country.

        I’d guess that most films based on real-life personal scandals by public figures are of the made for cable or TV variety.

        If you’re thinking more about the Profumo affair kind of thing, there must be plenty of examples out there.

      • And, say what you will about Weiner, there may be scandal, but there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of hypocrisy going on there. Hubris I’ll give you.

  4. Well there’s The Children’s Hour where the scandal was the result of vindictive accusations. Ditto The Winslow Boy I suppose.
    Spotlight was really good I thought although a little bit worthy. Important topic but perhaps just workmanlike filmmaking. I’m being really nitpicking though.
    Will try to think of something better tomorrow.

    • Even m ore recent than Spotlight. Kate Beckinsale plays a scandalous character in this year’s (Jane Austen adaptation) Love and Friendship. Not someone you would want to know in real life though – and my sympathies were entirely with her daughter.

  5. I had a crush on Dirk Bogarde when I was young. Couldn’t have got it more wrong! Anyway, the only film that springs to mind is Les Liaisons Dangereuse, based on the book by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos. I haven’t seen the 1959 film but I remember the 1988 film with Glenn Close and John Malkovich. The 18th century novel was apparently designed to highlight the corruption of the aristocracy prior to the French Revolution (but it could equally have been designed as a titillating read, which I think is more likely). Anyway, immorality, seduction, malice and revenge in spades.

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