RR Movies: Myths and Legends

The RR playlists for this topic concerned Ulysses, Avalon, Xanadu and so on, but I have chosen it because yesterday’s news item about the report recommending legalisation of cannabis in the UK for medicinal use demonstrates that the Home Office still believes in the old myth that cannabis is a harmful drug (whose active ingredient can only be turned into a beneficial drug by a profit-seeking pharmaceutical company).

Please indulge yourselves with LOTR, Labyrinth, vampires and monsters, if you will, but I’ll kick off with Calvary, a film based on the Bible story which juxtaposes reality and irrational belief to good effect (imho, as usual).

16 thoughts on “RR Movies: Myths and Legends

  1. I think that sticking with the Chris’s comments and the inspiration for his choice of subject, I’ll have to nom Reefer Madness, which pretty much encapsulates the wilder shores of the mythology of cannabis use.

  2. Tough one. I’m not much for trolls and fairies or Santas, i do think i watched the lion’s share of Camelot. I didn’t see Scorcese’s Kundun or any Ring Cycle or LOTR type things. But until i think of something better, i’ll go for Raiders of the Lost Ark. Kurasawa’s Throne of Blood could work as well. There have to be some sexual type myth films out there.

    As a side note, weed is already decriminalized in my state, but we have a referendum on the ballot in November to make it legal for recreational purposes.

  3. I still haven’t watched more than 30 minutes of the Inland Empire DVD I bought but it does feature a curse on a story.
    Then again, I remember seeing My Bloody Valentine (the film) in 1981and the teenage characters kept saying “nobody believes that old myth” about something which is supposed to have happened in the 60s. I was 24 and it made me feel old.
    Plus, there’s some myth-making in the film which terrified me as a child. The one which had me staring at the corner of my bedroom unable to sleep because of what might suddenly appear there. The film I have never been able to watch again. That’s The Song of Bernadette.

    Passing all this by I think I’ll pick this year’s Embrace of the Serpent which kind of has the quality of a myth – even though some of it is based on a true story.

  4. Excalibur holds up well. Guy Ritchie Cockernee train wreck version coming soon. & there will always be Monty Python & The Holy Grail.

  5. Jason and the Argonauts was a firm favourite as a child. But I bagsy “Oh Brother Where Art Thou”, loosely based on Homer’s Odyssey.

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