This flower is an orchid, there’s a commonly held view that growing orchids is difficult and best left to horticultural OCD’s.  Not true, all they need is a cool well lighted window sill,  occasional dilute food and regular water[weekly]

I bought this plant at Costco about 3-4 years ago, it looked just like that when I bought it, actually it is 3 plants in one pot consequently it cost a bit more than singles, I paid $18.

Supermarkets and suchlike have started selling potted orchids at their checkout lines – impulse buys, and it’s become a big business over here. I suspect that it may be similar in UK. What amazes me about this orchid is how easily and constantly it flowers. For example, it put out several flower spikes in about March this year and it looked like this by April. It flowered continually until about two weeks ago, five months!   I pruned off the dead spikes and this week there are five new flower spikes and three of them already have several buds; I guarantee that by the end of this month they will all be in full bloom and they will also last through Christmas.

I believe this variety is called Kaliedoscope, it comes in a variety of colors plus the supermarkets are selling a range of different varieties, I have about 5-6.

So if you like to have flowers in the house look out for these, you can’t beat ’em for longevity and easy maintenance.


  1. They are pretty, my friend has one on his north-east facing window sill. I think that “cool and light” is the key – my windowsills are too sunny, I don’t have any luck with orchids at all, although I’m fairly green-fingered with most things.

  2. I like them too, and its great that the flowers last for ages. My problem is getting them to flower – a rare occurrence. Maybe they are too far from the light? I’ll try moving them nearer to a window.

  3. GHE; I can’t claim to be an expert but I’ve got several that flower regularly, though none quite like this one. All I do is give them a coolish spot, lotsa light and occasional dilute food. Keep trying.

  4. They are lovely. I’ve tried to grow orchids in the past, but I’ve never had much luck. I am thinking about succulents and cacti instead. They might be OK with occasional neglect and no watering.

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