Earworms 19 September 2016

Well here’s a thing.  This week American artist Jackie Paladino has sent us a link to a new song she recorded with Grammy winning producer Tyrone Corbett in New Jersey. She now lives in Brooklyn and is working on her next single.  She earned an arts scholarship to NYU and struggled to find a balance between the long college days, writing music and working overtime to pay for school. This journey is what led to the inspiration and recording of “Daddy’s Money“. And here it is, see what you think: https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2016/09/jackie-paladino-shares-a-video-with-a-heavy-message-daddys-money.html

Meanwhile, many thanks for all the worms and please keep them coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

A.C.Marias – The Whispered Year – glassarfemptee: A.C. Marias was a short lived ’80s project comprising Bruce Gilbert and Angela Conway. This hypnotic track is a cross between Twin Peaks and Pink Floyd ‘Echoes’ – don’t be put off by the slow intro. My guess is I only have the track in my iTunes because one of the more eclectic RR folk dropped it in a box. Blame them.

Abida Parveen – Chaap Tilak – Ravi Raman: Abida Parveen is an eminent Pakistani singer often dubbed as the Sufi Queen of music. Here she sings the 14th century poem by renowned Sufi poet Amir Khusro. Hugely popular in the sub-continent and still gets regular airplay as well as being performed regularly.

Bat For Lashes – If I Knew – severin: From her recently released album The Bride. A delicate ethereal thing – but enough of me, this song is quite beautiful.

Jefferson Airplane – Fat Angel – CaroleBristol: For some reason, the line ‘Fly Translove Airways, get you there on time’ popped into my head and lodged itself, and I kept on finding myself singing the tune without realising it. It is of course Jefferson Airplane from their 1968 live album Bless Its Pointed Little Head. The song is Fat Angel, originally written by Donovan and featured on his Sunshine Superman album.

Drive-By Truckers – Baggage – tincanman: American Band, due out Sept 30, tears a strip off America for its gun violence and social injustice (sneak preview with three tracks HERE). Baggage is an outlier on the album: Patterson Hood tries to reframe Robin Williams’ suicide in terms of his own depression.

Tom Rush – The Circle Game – goneforeign: Here’s a variation on Joni’s version, it was popular in the ’60’s.

Image Copyright: <a href=’http://www.123rf.com/profile_yuliang11′>yuliang11 / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

7 thoughts on “Earworms 19 September 2016

  1. Jackie Paladino has a great voice although not my favourite style of music. The first four worms are great, I can’t chose between them. Not so keen on the Drive By Truckers – nothing wrong with it but I feel I would like to make them a nice cup of soothing sweet tea. Also the track seems to finish before the end of the “player”, so there isn’t a smooth transition to Tom Rush. I like the Tom Rush, but prefer Joni. Anyway, worms are boxed, thanks to all.

  2. A.C.Marias – The Whispered Year I was hoping for more from this. It didn’t really go anywhere, but I wanted it to do something because what there was is intriguing.

    Abida Parveen – Chaap Tilak This didn’t play for me. Not sure why, but this problem crops up a lot with Ravi’s tracks. I found it on YouTube, though. It took a while to get going, but once the percussion kicked it I liked it a lot. I’m sure I’d get more out of things like this if I understood the words, but there is a hypnotic quality that carries one along with the music.

    Bat For Lashes – If I Knew I’ve heard a few things from The Bride and what I’ve heard I’ve liked. This was no exception. Ethereal pretty much sums it up.

    Drive-By Truckers – Baggage There is a kind of Neil Young intensity about this. Very nice, very nice indeed when the guitar solo kicks in.

    Tom Rush – The Circle Game I don’t really know Tom Rush’s music at all, apart from the song Driving Wheel, which I love. This is nice enough, but I can’t get Joni out of my head.

    Jackie Paladino – Daddy’s Money I couldn’t get this to play at all from the link, but luckily it is also on YouTube. She’s aiming for an Amy Winehouse vibe, I think. Yeah, not bad, but not setting the world alight either.

    OK, this week it is all about The Rawk. The Drive-By Truckers have driven off with the plaudits.

  3. As ever I enjoyed Ravi’s contribution (we don’t get many 14C poems on here!), and the Bat for lashes featherlight whimsy, but Drive by Truckers get the prize this week by a country mile. Having just lashed out for Jason Isbell, American Band is now on the list!
    P.S. The Airplane whizzed past you, did it, Carole? 😉 BTW, I see what you mean about The Whispered Year – it did really need to move on, didn’t it?

    • The Airplane track is one of my faves by them, and from my favourite of their albums. I didn’t review it because it was my worm.

  4. Jackie Paladino surprised me by reminding me vocally (a bit) of one of my favourite British singers – Lucinda Belle. Doubt anyone else thought that. I can hear the Amy W similarities too. Liked it. Interesting lyric.

    I thought at first that the A.C.Marias track was more a snippet than a song but I liked what there was of it. Looked again and surprised to realise it’s 3 1/2 minutes long – like most pop songs. I still could have done with more but that’s much better than the opposite.

    The player did odd stops and starts during the Abida Parveen track but when I heard the whole thing I liked it. Like Carole said it was the percussion that made it take off for me.

    I own no music by Jefferson Airplane and only like about half of what I hear. Fortunately this one fell into the “like” half. Never heard Donovan’s version either. Intrigued now.

    Drive By Truckers have never been “my kind of thing” (whatever that is) but what they do, they do really well. I also liked the guitar solo a lot in this one. I do get the Neil Young comparison in fact it kind of provided a way in for me.

    I can’t remember whether I heard Joni’s rendition of her Circle Game before the Tom Rush one but I’ve always much preferred it. Actually, the live version on Miles of Aisles is probably my absolute favourite. Anyway, the song will always be great (how old was she?) but Tom seems to underplay things just a bit too much. I’m being nit-picking I know. It’s a good song to end with.

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