Sakura’s J-pop Corner – Commercial Break


Advertisements are normally really dumb in Japan, and I suppose the same is true in most countries, but there are often really great songs in some of them.

Pocari Sweat is a sports drink, i know that many western people  find the name amusing but they have a great commercial.

What are your favourite TV commercials from a musical point of view ? ? ?

These are two of mine – tell me what are yours ! ! !

Pocari Sweat


My other favourite is an old one . . .it is for the Kyushu Shinkansen.  I love the song and the advert is lovely.

Kyushu Shinkansen


So , Spillers what musical gems are hidden in the commercial break ? ? ?

20 thoughts on “Sakura’s J-pop Corner – Commercial Break

  1. This will probably come across as terribly negative, but I don’t mean it to be. I absolutely hate advertising and rarely watch commercial TV channels. If I do, I kind of switch my brain off when the commercial breaks interrupt the programmes and I do my best to ignore the sound coming from the TV and the images as well. For the same reason, I never listen to commercial radio and always install ad blocking software on my PCs, which I never switch off, even when a website asks me to do so.

    I regard advertising as an unwanted intrusion into my life.

    • Hi Carol ! ! !

      I know a lot of people feel that way, and I tend to have either the radio or TV as backgorund noise most of the time but sometimes a tune jumps out from the background that I really like.

      Actually I often find myself likeing the adverts more than the programs ! ! !

    • Carole: Absolutely agree on all counts. With video I pre record it and jump through the commercials, with radio I don’t listen to commercial stations and I have an ‘off’ switch for their non-commercial commercials. Absolutely hate em. I’ve written to the non commercial radio stations that I used to support to tell them why I’m cancelling – commercials! For my computer I keep a 3″ panel off to the side and when commercials appear I dslide it over and hit the mute.

  2. Hi Sakura – I rarely watch ads too, but I did find the snippet of Nils Frahm’s “For” on the BMW advert arresting, and checked him out. I think I’ve since put the full song on Earworms. He released it free on an EP ‘Juno’, while he was recovering from a thumb injury.

    • I have a favourite car comercial to ! ! !

      Actually I learnt to drive quite young as my family had a sugar cane plantation in Okinawa so I started driving tractors at about 11 years old and at about 14 I started driving a motor cyccle – which was totally illegal but I got my license at 16 for a motorcycle less than 400cc and then I got my motorcycle license for over 400cc.

      I got my car license at 18.

      My dad is car mad and has numerous yankee sports cas . . .but nayway I love this add . . .

      • Actually one of my best momnets with my dad was in his car.

        He picked me up at te airport one time when i was coming home in a big ysnkee convertablr. we were going homr with the roof down and this song came on the radio – we both started singing together really loud ! ! ! I was a special moment ! ! !

        Kara – Step

  3. I sometimes think the commercials are more entertaining than the programmes. This is my favourite ever, the animation is great, the concept is great, the tune is great – absolutely no idea about the product, but who cares? Honda diesel engines – hate something, change something, make something better … even now I see new things in it; the little cough as the engines fly over at the beginning; the hens throwing eggs at the nasty diesels … here you go:

  4. This one used to make me laugh, too – Sam (my son) was about 6 at the time and we used to dance around the kitchen making tea the same way … Johnny Vegas and monkey advertising PG Tips tea to striptease music:

  5. I tend not to like or watch adverts. Actually I hardly watch TV any more and try to ignore cinema ads while I sit and read on my tablet’s kindle app. Still I do remember this one from (I think) the 1980s. Used to drive people mad but I rather liked it. Lots of versions since. In fact there’s a ten minute mix on Youtube but I thought better of posting it.

  6. This KENZO ad featuring “Mutant Brain” by Sam Spiegel & Ape Drums (feat. Assassin) pricked my ears recently. The video’s directed by Spike Jonze and bears a remarkable resemblance to the once he made for Fat Boy Slim’s Weapon Of Choice.

  7. In the dusty corners off my collection there are some CDs of 1960s commercials which feature such greats as “White Levi’s” by the Jefferson Airplane and “Vox Wah Wah Pedal” by the Electric Prunes.
    There’s also a ton of Coca Cola commercials featuring a host of stars from The Seekers right through to Jan and Dean

    Coke was also responsible for James Dean’s first TV appearance in 1950.

    How cool is that ?

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