Earworms 3 October 2016

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Montana B, an artist from London, has asked me to share her new music video for “On the Low”, which has been played on Reprezent Radio and Pulse Radio 88 in the UK. I would describe it as R&B / Hip-Hop, but you may have other ideas – I don’t like to pigeon-hole music. Anyway, you can read more about Montana B and her music here: http://www.bndwdth.media/montana-b/,

and here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dzTwI96CbQ

Thanks to everyone for the worms, and please keep them coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

Prince & The New Power Generation – Da Bang – DsD: I put a load of Prince music onto a memory card for in the car after the purple pixie passed away. This track has moved residence from the car door into my ears. Whilst the language contained herein is the singer’s own, and does not represent the views of the DsD management, I do love the Jeckyll & Hyde guitarwork.

Tish Hinojosa – Something in the Rain – Ravi Raman: http://zinnedproject.org/ tells me “Leticia (“Tish”) Hinojosa was born December 6, 1955 in San Antonio, Texas, Hinojosa is a folksinger, recording in both Spanish and English. Hinojosa’s parents were Mexican immigrants. Hinojosa’s 1992 album Culture Swing won the NAIRD Indie Folk Album of the Year.” I just got around to listening to this song which is from a four CD, 87 song compilation called The Rounder Records Story. Spans genres and decades of music.

Bob Marley and the Wailers – Exodus, 12” mix – goneforeign: I’ve just spent several days listening to only BMW, there was a time when I did that all the time; so nice to re-visit Bob. Last week it was only 1920’s Louis Armstrong. “Exodus” is I think my favourite Bob album, Time magazine said it was the album of the century. Plus I love the title cut, it’s one of the most danceable pieces ever, come on, on your feet! Plus it’s well worth listening for the biblical book of Exodus references, if you’re into that sort of thing. This was the first album after the assassination attempt; check those references.

Peaking Lights – Marshmellow Yellow – glassarfemptee: If you like blissed out dub, you should love this Peaking Lights track. If you don’t, you won’t – ‘cos I’m guessing this is a Marmite genre. Pass the Marmite jar, Panthersan …

Cass McCombs – Run Sister Run – tincanman: From his latest, Mangy Love, a breezy six-minute groove provides camouflage to skewer America for its systematic mistreatment of women. Justice is blind and a woman to boot. Ouch.

Doobie Brothers – Black Water – AliM: Oldie. But still good, and remastered here. Stuck happily in my head.

Image Copyright: zavulonya / 123RF Stock Photo

9 thoughts on “Earworms 3 October 2016

  1. Prince & The New Power Generation – Da Bang I’ve never heard this before, possibly down to never having listened to the album it is from. Excellent guitar work, Prince always was an unfairly under-rated player, I think. Nice stuff.

    Tish Hinojosa – Something in the Rain Someone who I’ve never heard of before. I like this a lot. It has echoes of Joan Baez, I think, but also Emmylou Harris, both of which are a Good Thing in my book.

    Bob Marley and the Wailers – Exodus, 12” mix My favourite BMW album is Catch A Fire, which is a far more stripped back affair than the ones that came after, but this reverts to the less produced sound, which is a good thing. Exodus came out the year after I saw him at the Hammersmith Odeon, which was an amazing gig. The entire auditorium was filled with a fog of ganga fumes. By the time it ended, I reckon that everyone was stoned. This is another one of those reggae tracks that soundtracked the era of punk in the UK.

    Peaking Lights – Marshmellow Yellow As it happens, I like blissed-out dub a lot. It is hard not to if you’ve lived in Bristol for as long as I have. This is great.

    Cass McCombs – Run Sister Run Ooh! Nice high life-style guitar intro. A serious message wrapped up in a dancing groove. I like it, I like it a lot.

    Doobie Brothers – Black Water I love this song. The Doobies were a great band back in the 70s. I only saw them once, at Knebworth in 1974, when they played just before the Allmans, who headlined. Utterly fantastic all-dayer. Hearing this has reminded me of another song with a similar hot summer afternoon feel, which I shall send in as a future ‘worm.

    No single fave again this week. They were all good, but I’ll just award a couple of gold stars to Tish Hinojosa and Cass McCombs.

  2. Doobie Brothers! Wow, that takes me back. I had a friend who used to play this so much that he tore up my cassette.
    Of the lot both Peaking Lights and Cass McCombs are new to me and like them both especially Cass McCombs.

  3. Carole: I always enjoy your reggae comments, they give me new perspectives. True about Catch a Fire, it was their first Island album but Chris Blackwell couldn’t resist overdubbing a couple of American guitars, you should hear the version they did for Jamaica if you want ‘stripped’. I posted it here some time ago. I’ve been on a Bob trip for the last couple of weeks, first I discovered the book Exodus by Viviien Goldman, basically the story of that album but there’s so much more. It’s probably the best book on reggae/BMW that i’ve ever read and I’ve got a shelf full – highly recommended. Then I discovered ‘Marley, The Full movie of Bob Marley’, it’s produced by Tuff Gong and is absolutely the best video on that subject that I’ve ever seen and I have a shelf full of those also.
    Very highly recommended, everyone should see it.


    • GF – yeah, the guitar overdubs are all over Marley’s Island albums. Chris Blackwell made him a global superstar and turned reggae into music for white people, but he also cleaned reggae up and made the anger and protest into a kind of fashionable thing. By ’76 I’d pretty much moved on to the more militant stuff and I was listening to more dub and then UK reggae like Steel Pulse and Aswad (before they went mainstream).

      • Carole: You should read that book I mentioned, Exodus by Vivien Goldman. Since all the Exodus album was written and recorded in UK and she was attached to the band, it’s full of details and insights plus there’s lots about the London reggae scene of the 70’s. I think you’d enjoy it. I only just discovered it.

  4. I own one Prince album (Sign 0 the Times) and one single (Kiss) – both on vinyl. I do like his stuff I just never managed to keep up with his rather prestigious output. An astonishingly talented man. It may have to be a question of which compilation(s) to go for.
    Anyway I liked this track a lot and, as Carole mentioned, the guitar playing is great.

    Other news in brief:
    Tish Hinojosa and Cass McCombs were both new to me. Good voices and songs. Nice to hear Exodus again. Loved Peaking Lights. Probably my favourite too. Never been a massive Doobie Bros fan but this was infectious and fun. Liked it in other words.

    Thanks all.

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