RR Movies: Optimistic Films

Jeremy Hunt – already dear to every NHS worker’s heart – is going to train 1,500 more doctors in a few years time and that, he believes, will mitigate existing shortages, the effects of Brexit and his industrial relations ineptitude and ensure we have enough home-grown medics to keep everything tickety-boo for evah and evah.

Linda Litzke and Chad Feldheimer (played by Frances McDormand and Brad Pitt) are similarly bone-headed, unrealistically optimistic characters in Burn After Reading. Yet somehow, after much pain and suffering (experienced by others), Linda gets what she wants….

What optimistic films would you recommend? (There doesn’t have to be a cynical edge to your nomination!)

19 thoughts on “RR Movies: Optimistic Films

  1. A much less cynical pick from me would have been The Lunchbox. I missed it at the cinema and only tested out the recommendations from bish (and sev, I think) a few months ago. I enjoyed the film and found the tagline not only positively encouraging but also somehow also applicable to my own life in the past year: Sometimes the wrong train takes you to the right station.

  2. Not sure any of these are optimistic throughout but they certainly have optimistic endings !

    Mr Smith Goes to Washington (rookie politician defeats corruption)
    On The Waterfront (Brando stands up to waterfront mob and wins)
    Twelve Angry Men (Fonda convinces 11 others that ethnic doesn’t always mean guilty)
    Trainspotting (this does have a cynical edge I think !)

  3. Mike Leigh’s Happy Go Lucky was quite an optimistic film about a very optimistic character. Personally i think I would have been able to stand about five minutes of her company but a lot of critics loved it. Anyway, that’s not my choice, I’m going with:


    Because the kids are all right even if some of the grown ups aren’t and the alien is friendly and doesn’t want to conquer us and the ending is optimistic and there are flying bicycles.

  4. I’ll go for “Legally Blonde” which has everything that I should really hate, i.e. ditzy blonde stereotype becomes high-flying lawyer stereotype – but it’s amusing and affectionate and pretty optimistic.

  5. Optimism seems to be built into the core of virtually every mainstream Hollywood film.

    Personally, I am a cynic, a pessimist and a misanthrope and it gets right on my nerves most of the time.

    Ever since the debacle of June 23rd, I cannot see any cause for optimism at all and my pessimism is growing stronger every passing day.

    Sorry to be such a grump about it, but I really need to vent my feelings.

    • I’ve long considered myself to be a cynical optimist, Carole, but the world does seem to be taking a definite turn for the worst at the moment, particularly with the ‘strong leader’ vibe on the rise in far too many countries and the increasing disregard for awkward things like facts and evidence. I try to take heart from little things like the UK was powered mostly by solar energy for the first time in May this year but there’s a lot of straw-grasping going on.

  6. Little Miss Sunshine – dysfunctional family goes on road trip to childrens’ beauty pageant & finds a cause that brings them together.

  7. Coming very late to this party, but there’s a film Little’Un & I love, which I grabbed for her in the DVD department of our local library merely on the grounds of its having a glittery pink cover. It’s an Australian film about a dancing school never quite making the grade at the regional contests – will it be different this time?! Doesn’t sound much, but it stars Ben Miller as Mr. Jonathan (the dance teacher) and Kerry Armstrong as The Mother, and if you’ve ever had to accompany your kids to dancing lessons (or were subjected yourself) you’ll laugh until you cry.

    Razzle Dazzle: A Journey Into Dance

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