Sounds on Sunday (1) – Fiction of the Future


As you know, we get lots of requests to feature new music on The ‘Spill – so many, in fact, that we can’t feature them all. So I thought I would start a new Sunday night series to showcase some of the talent out there. I’m kicking off with Fiction of the Future, pictured above, a New York band – you can read all about them on their website:, and hear a track from each of their current EPs via the Soundcloud links below.

I asked a few nosey questions about the band, and here is what they said (thanks to Burton Kinney for the reply, the photo and links):

“Our first EP 1980-10 was released on December 21, 2012 (the day of the Mayan Calendar end-date!) So I’d say we formed somewhere around 2010. The band is:

Elliott Byrne: Bass
Alex Fraiha: Percussion
Blake Kinney: Drums
Allie Siomkin: Vocals
Burton Kinney: Lead Vocals and Guitar

We’re primarily based out of New Rochelle, NY: Dubbed “The Queen City of the Sound” located about 25 miles outside of Manhattan.

We currently have (2) EP’s out right now (1980-10 and Fiction of the Future). Both EP’s were engineered and produced by Joseph Branciforte. We’ve been working with Joe for 5+ years, and he’s helped us craft our sound. He also plays some synth on the self titled EP. We’ve been very lucky to work with him through the years.

Our influences are definitely of a ‘classic’ nature, meaning we all probably listen to old stuff more than the new stuff. Blake and Elliott love metal, heavy progressive rock, etc. Alex loves stuff you can dance to, and I love music with upfront guitars (analog 50’s sound). I’ve also been listening to a lot of Early Music and Bach lately; some of my favourite music. Some influences would be: Dire Straits, Rush, The Police, AC/DC, Genesis, Fleetwood Mac, Iron Maiden.

People can listen to us on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Bandcamp, etc. We try to put our music everywhere.

Right now we’re focused on playing shows and getting the word out. This summer was great for us. We got to play the Speed of Sound Festival with The Lumineers and we finished a residency at Pianos NYC in the Lower East Side. The next step for us is to keep playing and maybe compose in-between.

We would just like to say thanks again for showcasing us. We really love rock ‘n’ roll music and are doing everything in our power to bring it back to a level of prominence! Long Live Rock!”

2 thoughts on “Sounds on Sunday (1) – Fiction of the Future

  1. Yeah I can see the Rush and Genesis influence. I prefer the second, Fiction of the Future, mainly because it hangs together better than the first. But I have only had a quick listen.
    All the best with your efforts.

  2. Not sure how I missed this post before, but at least I’ve seen it now.

    So, what did I think. I suppose that OK sums it up best. Like Ravi, I liked the second one more, definitely it has a lot more focus.

    I cannot comment on the influence of Rush, because I don’t listen to them, not ever having liked anything of theirs that I’ve actually heard. I didn’t get any Genesis influence, though, at least not the Genesis I like, which is the Peter Gabriel period.

    Still, keep on playing guys.

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