Earworms 10 October 2016

53472896 - xia yuan falls subsoil water

Greetings again from Earworm land. This week’s new music is from Rhode Rachel, who represents the psych/retro rock act Aura Blaze. He has shared a soon-to-be-released cover of ELO’s classic, “Sweet Talkin’ Woman,” available for you to stream and download here:
Check out some more of Aura Blaze’s music on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8r7ZK1-Asy8
Meanwhile, thanks to all contributors, and please keep the earworms coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

The Steve Miller Band – Wild Mountain Honey – CaroleBristol: After playing The Doobie Brothers Black Water as part of the October 3rd playlist, this track came up in my head. From the 1976 album Fly Like An Eagle here is The Steve Miller Band giving out some lazy, hazy Wild Mountain Honey vibes. This song was one that was on heavy rotation for me in the long hot summer of 1976.

Nascuy Linares – Acoustic River – glassarfemptee: I listen to Classic FM quite a bit, and because most composition for the orchestra these days is for the movies, they play a lot of soundtracks. This is from “Embrace of the Serpent”, a movie by Colombian director Ciro Guerra (with a recent five star review by Mark Kermode). The movie is said to be extraordinary, hypnotic, & dreamlike, and I think that applies too, to this part of the soundtrack by Nascuy Linares.

Bell X1 – Flame – glassarfemptee: Bell X1 are the other band from Dublin. As it’s autumn now, they urge you to “toast marshmallows on a cold dark night”…

Basia – Time And Tide – DsD: Oh boy! When this one popped up on shuffle, I was transfixed. Took me right back to 1987, and the perfect storm of emotional turmoil that particular year threw at me. Can’t get it out of my head now …

Mikaela Davis – River – tincanman: Spending her weekdays at uni studying harp and weekends busking at farmer’s markets left New Yorker Mikaela Davis with a choice on graduating. She’s chosen the more travelled quirky pop folk path, but says it’s still nice to write the odd piece she actually has to practice.

Half Pint – Greetings – goneforeign: Half Pint AKA Lindon Roberts comes from the same area of Kingston as Bob, Toots, Dennis Brown, Tosh, so you can see that he’s in good company. He emerged in the ’80’s and has had intermittent success since then. “Greetings” is from his 1986 record with Power House.

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22 thoughts on “Earworms 10 October 2016

  1. Happy to take credit Ali, but Nascuy Linares isn’t from me. I will have a proper listen when I home. Maybe I sent it under a disguise 😃

      • It’s definitely in the RR folder above “RR Monsters” and “SB Tools”. If you still can’t see it let me know and I’ll create a separate folder to share with you. (I’m having an exciting night. I just bid on a car on eBay, for somebody else, and won the bid! Never bid for anything that big before!) (My nights are generally MUCH less interesting).

    • Oh this is even worse news. I can only see the Oct 3, SB Green and RR Religion folders. Must be syncing still. I’ll mail you about developments. Congrats on winning the car .:)

  2. Nascuy Linares – Acoustic River Ooh! Moody, minor key stuff. I like the left hand piano keeping the rhythm going while the right hand gets on with the atmospheric moody stuff. I can definitely see this working on a soundtrack.

    Bell X1 – Flame I think that I prefer this to the other other band from Dublin. A refreshing lack of pomposity and bombast. Nice guitar work throughout. I don’t know the band, but I am thinking mid-2000s onwards?

    Basia – Time And Tide The raven-haired Polish songstress! Not heard anything from her since the 80s. She was in Matt Bianco, pop fact fans. She’s got a great voice, though and I remember this song. Very classy.

    Mikaela Davis – River From Tinny’s introduction I was expecting an instrumental piece, so when she started singing I was taken by surprise. Her voice is OK, but nothing special, although it grew on my over the time I listened to the song, especially when she multi-tracked herself. I do like the instrumental bits a lot, though. The harp is a lovely-sounding instrument. Quite a complex song, really.

    Half Pint – Greetings I am generally wary of a lot of 80s reggae. It lost a lot of the things that I like about reggae when it went all ragga and dancehall and the electronics started taking over. This is OK, though.

    Aura Blaze – Sweet Talkin’ Woman Can I own up to not being a huge ELO fan, first? This is OK, but it just sounds like an ELO tribute band. It doesn’t really bring anything new to the song, unlike, for example, The Flaming Lips doing Dark Side Of The Moon where you get a completely new interpretation of the music.

    I think that this week I am going to give the plaudits to Mikaela Davis, who surprised me and won me over by the end of her song.

    • Carole,
      Bell X1 have two entries in The Marconium:
      Light Catches Your Face (RRSA Faces, written up by me), and
      The Curtains Are Twitchin’ (RRSA Neighbours, nommed by me.
      It’s a band I like but know nothing about, having picked up albums on download with no sleeve notes.
      I shoehorn their song Lamposts into as many RR topics as I can manage.
      I can recommend all three songs, though the subject matter sometimes strays into uncomfortable territory.

      • Lamposts is epic! I’ve nommed it too, and blimpy extolled it on St Paddy’s day, 2008, on this very blog! And ‘Flame’ is off the same album.

  3. Completely off topic – Ali, our favourite brewery is doing an advent calendar, and if I had fifty quid to spare I’d be getting one sent your way as a special treat and a thank you for keeping the worms going (one day I’ll actually get to listen to the music & leave a comment 😉

    • £50? Shiver me timbers! Does sound like a brilliant idea, though. I suppose it’s not bad for 24 bottles of very nice beer, but I shall resist. I must! I must! Best wishes to you and yours xx

  4. Time to ‘fess up! Yes, I’m responsible for Nascuy Linares. My rubric was “I listen to Classic FM quite a bit, and because most composition for the orchestra these days is for the movies, they play a lot of soundtracks. This is from “Embrace of the serpent”, a movie by Colombian director Ciro Guerra (with a recent five star review by Mark Kermode). The movie is said to be extraordinary, hypnotic, & dreamlike, and I think that applies too, to this part of the soundtrack by Nascuy Linares.”

    • Thanks ghe, I don’t know what I did but I couldn’t find the blurb (or the sender!) anywhere. Apologies! It’s a great track.

  5. Oh dear – I didn’t get past Wild Mountain Honey, ‘cos Carole has reminded me of a band I love, and I have spent the last hour listening to Steve Miller band! Thanks for that. Now to listen to the rest of the ear worms!

  6. Yeah like GHE, I am going to put Fly Like An Eagle now. Excellent album.
    Nascuy Linares easily tops my list after the first listen.
    The YouTube link of Aura Blaze is pretty good. (A Glass of Tears – Half Empty!!! GHE is this another avatar?) ELO tribute band sounds a bit harsh. But then I am a massive ELO fan.

    • Hah! Nowt to do with me mate. Someone said to me the other day, glass half empty, glass half full – either way you need topping up!

  7. The Steve Miller track sounds just fine to me. Warm and summery – even though it ain’t summer round her no more. Lovely sound. I doubt I even noticed it back in ’76!
    Embrace of the Serpent is a wonderful, dreamlike film and the Nascuy Linares piece here does kind of sum up some of its appeal. The film does have its more disturbing moments too I should warn folks.
    Never heard of Bell X1 but I liked this a lot. Why anyone wants to toast marshmallows is beyond me, mind you.
    Oh blimey, I don’t remember Basia either. Was this a big hit in the young people’s hit parade? Great voice, can’t think how I missed her the first time around.
    Aha! A singing, harp-playing lady. That’s me sorted. I love a good harp player in almost any context and I really like her voice and the song too. A winner. Note to Ali – expect another Lucinda Belle worm from me soonest. (Yay! Ed.)
    I do like the Half Pint track even though I agree with Carole about the change in the Reggae sound back in the eighties. Oddly though, I do like that “Sleng Teng” record that, pretty much, sparked off the whole change in direction. Anyway this song powered along, but at the sort of pace I can enjoy – not too rushed – and I like the guy’s voice.

    Not sure what to make of Aura Blaze. It did seem very much like the ELO original. Which is fine. I’m not a big fan either but I can enjoy the odd song by them and this one is – ok. Actually, I have now played it twice and it sounded better the second time so mind how you go.

    Mikaela is my pick of the week too.

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