Tune of the Week #1

It seems to be kinda difficult to keep a challenge going on here these days, but i miss them so i’m going to give it another go.  And i’ll try to make it an easy one as well.  The concept is simple – add a tune to the list that you’ve discovered and liked over the past week and want to share.  It doesn’t have to be a new release at all, it can be an oldie that you’ve discovered, or a tune that you’ve rediscovered, or however else you want to define it.

It’s no Uptown Funk, but given the ugliness of our domestic situation here these days, i like Bruno’s chill flashback to early soul and disco.  Takes me back to high school and college summers on the beach during the day and in the bars and clubs at night.

I realize that Thursday is probably a bad day for a challenge as the topics go up on the other blogs.  Any suggestions as to a better day?  Friday to get through the weekend, Wednesday to not compete with the other regular posts?  Also, this is my first shot at a collab youtube playlist.  I can’t seem to post the collabo link without it showing as a playlist.  Can someone help? Thanks.

29 thoughts on “Tune of the Week #1

    • Is that right? I could have sworn that barbryn used to post a text link. I’m not home right now, but when I get back in a few hours I’ll swap out the playlist above for the add link playlist.

      And I love Warren Haynes.

    • Like Gov’t Mule alot since I discovered them when I took the chair for the Prostitution topic (Lola Leave Your Light On) – If you haven’t taken a listen yet try Shout where they play 10 songs and then play them again with guest artists providing a different influence.

  1. I like the idea of another recurring Challenge series. My Family Trees limped on for 12 episodes, so lets hope this one does better.

    I’ve not discovered anything new this week but I am enjoying the newly-released 2008 Pentangle reunion live CD, Finale. Nothing from the album on YouTube yet, but this clip from a Jools Holland Later episode is also from 2008.

  2. I can’t work out how to add a video to the playlist!!!

    Anyway an album I’m listening to a lot currently is the new Biffy Clyro one “Ellipsis”.

    Mrs. L and I fortunately got some tickets to an acoustic concert by them on Sunday and they played this one from the new album amongst an array of back catalogue tunes:

    This is Rearrage

  3. Great idea for a series, Amy!

    Can’t work out the Youtube collabo. but I have just finished reading Jace Clayton’s (AKA D/J Rupture) excellent book “Uproot” and I got this tune from there:

  4. Hey Amy. Funnily enough, I’d been thinking of exactly this idea.

    Tuesday night seemed to work pretty well for the Spillyears. And don’t ask me how you post working links to a collabo playlist – I did it for more than a year, and still couldn’t make sense of it. Just posting a URL starting with http://www., instead of the http://, sometimes seemed to help, but not always.

    Anyway, this morning i discovered that Dolly Parton’s Jolene slowed down to 33rpm sounds incredible:

    • I added your and Panth’s videos to the list. I think Tuesday night looks like a better idea too, and hopefully it should work fine with Chris’ film challenge on the same day too. So unless there’s any dissent, i’ll post a new one next Tuesday. I’m at wit’s end trying to figure how to get a link to work for collabos though. I’m trying to use the invite link under the Playlist Settings —> Collaborate tab, but still no joy. It already has the www. in, and i tried http:// without the s and that didn’t work either. I can certainly add them in by hand, but the thread may still end up being overloaded with videos.

      I like too that some people are just posting what they’re listening to at the moment as well. Ravi has tried a couple of times to get that discussion going over on the Song-bar, so maybe he’ll have better luck over here.

  5. The very few new(ish) CDs/downloaded songs that I’ve bought recently have, for the most part, already been sent to earworms. I have been listening to Laura Mvula quite a bit on Youtunes since listing her Green Garden song on Songbar recently – and noticing that tfd listed her Diamonds song for an R/R topic back in 2014.
    Only two albums to catch up with and I’m tempted to buy the new (this year) one first. This is one of the tracks from it that I’ve been giving a listen.

  6. I’m still cycling round the July 1978 Dead set, which includes a couple of these:

    The frightening/lightning rhyme may be a tad naff but the instrumental sections are ace.

    Publish on Tuesday, amy, by all means: maybe an increase in the number of postings will spark more interest generally….

    • That’s the way i lookdd at it. I’ll try to schedule it for around 7 pm or so UK time – i think yours seem to go up earlier on in the day?

  7. Hi Amy, I’m really late, sorry! I have an old track called King of Fools stuck in my head this week, by a Leeds band from the 80s called The Rose of Avalanche, I’ll try to add it to the list in a minute, this seems like a fun idea, I look forward to next week.

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