Earworms 17 October 2016

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Good Morning ‘Spillers. This week’s featured new music is from Dominic Ellerbee, a 19-year-old multi-instrumentalist, composer, teacher and performer from Denver, who has an inspirational back story – too long to feature here, but you can find out more about him from several YouTube videos, like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N27RuNfqq_0. Here is a Soundcloud link to his new single, “Old School Radio” – https://soundcloud.com/stella-nova-band/old-school-radio. Meanwhile, many thanks for the earworms, and please keep them coming to earworm@tincnland.com.

Laura Nyro – Beads of Sweat – CaroleBristol: I’ve been playing my Laura Nyro albums a fair bit recently, and although they are all brilliant, Christmas And The Beads Of Sweat is, for some reason one I play less often than the others. Not sure why, possibly because it evokes a certain contemplative mood. Anyway, this track, Beads Of Sweat is one of the more up tempo ones and features Duane Allman on guitar. Enjoy. 

Lucinda Belle – Smells Like Teen Spirit – severin: Not everyone will like this, I’m sure. There have been any number of covers of this song over the years, many of them knowingly cheesy or camp. All good fun but you can have too much of a good thing. This is not intended that way at all but it’s still a million miles away from the Nirvana template.  Anyway, Lucinda has been singing this (to the accompaniment of her harp) for as long as she’s been performing but she only got around to recording it this month. Judge for yourselves how you feel. I love it, of course.

Tom Cochrane – Just Scream – DsD: I’m trying to spring clean my Walkman (16GB, nearly full, previously nothing’s ever been deleted). There are songs on there that were originally just random picks from artists I like. When changing over the Tom Cochrane songs, I rediscovered just how much I love this song – builds to a very DsD-pleasing climax.

Vargas Blues Band – Don’t Let Go – Ravi Raman: I was introduced to this band by Sony BMG and this album All Around Blues is this band’s first early release. Founded by Javier Vargas a Spanish guitarist settled in Buenos Aires, VBB incorporates blues, flamenco, funk, rock & jazz.

Black Angels – Don’t Play with Guns – tincanman: There was a quote that if Sandy Hook (20 6&7 yr olds were killed in a school shooting spree) didn’t change American gun laws, nothing would. Which appears to be true.

Steve Miller – Return from Eden – glassarfemptee: Carole recently contributed a Steve Miller track that reminded me how much I love his stuff. Here’s one of my faves, from ‘Recall the beginning…’. Released in 1972, it is also a track for our sad times of bankers and food banks, drowning refugees, Blair, Putin and Trump et al. “To the leaders, who are timeless / As they flaunt their warlike ways / Flying endlessly o’er the wasteland / Seeking praise.”

Loudon Wainwright – I had a Dream – goneforeign: Here’s a topical song, right on the money. No need to say anymore.  https://www.theguardian.com/global/video/2016/oct/08/robert-de-niro-id-like-to-punch-donald-trump-in-the-face-video

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14 thoughts on “Earworms 17 October 2016

  1. Lucinda Belle – Smells Like Teen Spirit SLTS is one of those songs that gets played too much. In fact, I get bored hearing it, to be honest, and I am not really very fond of Nirvana, except in small and infrequent doses. I like her voice, and the treatment is good, because it is nothing like the original.

    Tom Cochrane – Just Scream Not sure that I’ve ever head any Tom Cochrane before, unless DsD has shared any of his music. This was OK, improving towards the end. It isn’t really the sort of thing I listen too, but yeah, I liked it.

    Vargas Blues Band – Don’t Let Go We have had Javier Vargas before. I remember liking the other track and this one is really very nice too. He’s got a lovely fluid style.

    Black Angels – Don’t Play with Guns American gun laws do nothing to stop lunatics killing innocent people. Depressing. It amazes me that people stick up for the idea that walking around with guns is somehow OK. Anyway, admirable sentiments in the song, which was OK but not standout.

    Steve Miller – Return from Eden I used to have this album on vinyl but it has never been reissued on CD, which is a real shame. Hearing this again brings back so many memories. The moment it started I was mentally singing along.

    Loudon Wainwright – I had a Dream Certainly topical. Unhappily, perhaps, I find Loudon Wainwright’s voice and strum-along delivery incredibly annoying.

    <b<Dominic Ellerbee – Old School Radio Ooh, power pop! Not bad at all, really, especially with that chiming guitar motif pushing the song along.

    OK, it was a definitely mixed selection this week. I liked the Vargas Blues Band track the most, though.

  2. Beads of Sweat is the third Laura Nyro song I’ve come across just this week alone. I think the universe is telling me something and I should listen coz this was fantastic. What a bass line! Thanks Carole.
    Huge fan of Lucinda Belle and Nirvana but not of Teen Spirit. Always puzzles me why this rates so high. Tom Cochrane is a great rocker but I am going to plump for Black Angels. Terrific. This Steve Miller Band song is new to me. Wonder how I missed it. And the Loudon Wainwright song is like GF says so topical.
    Great week and thanks Ali. I should have sent a Slash number that I have been playing a lot but somehow didn’t.

      • I’ve sent you the Slash number – Starlight, from his 2010 album Slash, with Myles Kennedy singing. I put it up for the Leavey gurued Asafarae topic and have been playing it regularly. If you feel like it you can add it to this week’s lot or keep it for later days.

  3. I think the one I enjoyed most this week was the only one I had heard before – i.e. the Steve Miller.
    I did like Laura Nyro and Black Angels too. The others, not quite so much.
    Nothing I disliked although the Loudon Wainwright was a long way from his best I think. Topical and I agree with the sentiments behind it but it wasn’t musically that inspiring and I’m not sure what’s left to be said about Trump at this stage.
    Just realised I haven’t listened to the Dominic Ellerbee links yet. Will do so and come back.

  4. Another great set, and I think they hung together quite well too. Real Allman brothers feel to parts of the Laura Nyro (a good thing). I’m not really into Nirvana, and treated the Lucinda Belle as a new song, which seemed fine to me – and I took in the lyric better than with the original. Some of the lovely languid backing reminded me of the terrific theme from Callan. My fave of the week I think. Just Scream is how I feel a lot these days, and a smashing wig out of the sort beloved by the younger Mr Hyde side of DsD (as opposed to his Dr Jekyll love of soothing balm like One Eskimo). Enjoyed this latest bit of straight ahead R&B from Vargas – also with a hint of Allman’s-style Southern rock. Don’t play with guns was nice and ear wormy, despite the sadness of the self inflicted mass murder that the US experiences every year. And while the anti-Trump song is nothing special, I like the sentiments. Perhaps Dylan can respond to the Nobel prize by penning a song to nail the alt-right Trump madness in his own distinctive way? Dom Ellerbee is more in the groove of mainstream pop (nothing wrong with that), and can maybe hone his jingle jangle to grab me. But not yet.

  5. Love the Black Angels already, the Steve Miller song was surprisingly up my street. I always like the idea of Loudon Wainwright more than the actual sound, but an interesting selection.

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