Sounds on Sunday (2) Vysoké Čelo


Today I have a new release for you, sent courtesy of Opus Elefantum, an informal Polish music collective.

On 17th October they are releasing Vysoké Čelo’s debut called Liście na Księżycu (“The Leaves on the Moon”). What makes this material special is the unique way of combining ambient, folk, ’70s electronic and post-rock sounds which they call space folk. It’s full of various emotions and stories, but everything ties in with the concepts of nature and cosmos connecting with each other, which the band try to emphasize in their music. Though it may not sound like post-rock music at first, they assure me that post-rock is heavily represented in their compositions – similar to the music of Stara Rzeka, which is a huge inspiration.

Opus Elefantum have other projects prepared for release in the future involving other members of the collective, but as they are a rather informal group of people, at present they simply have a Youtube channel, Soundcloud channel and Facebook page. Here is the Facebook link for you to read more:

Let me know what you think, and if anyone has come across any other new music they would like to share, please do so in the comments (with a link, if possible).


5 thoughts on “Sounds on Sunday (2) Vysoké Čelo

  1. Great sound but kinda long. This is an excellent thread Ali, I never would have heard of this band or even tried them out on my own.

  2. Finally got a chance to have a listen – I can’t keep up with you, Ali – and this is very relaxing and hypnotic. Lovely jubbly.

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