Tune of the Week #2

Review of challenge rules for any newbies – pretty simple and not too strict.   Just post a video of a tune you heard this week and want to share.  Could be a new release, discovered or rediscovered oldie, a tune you stumbled across, or what you’re listening to these days.

I still can’t figure this link to the playlist out yet, so unless someone else can, you’ll have to post them in the comments and i’ll add them manually to the list.  I’ll be away on Tues night so i won’t be able to do it till Wednesday.

No new release from me this week, had a busy weekend.  This 90’s janglepop beauty showed up on the playlist of my college radio station.

28 thoughts on “Tune of the Week #2

  1. Friday night I was listening to a compilation album called Pure … Guitar Legends. I thought I had heard all the 68 songs in it. Apparently not as one of those was totally new. A band called Mother’s Finest, which I find has been around for ages. Anyway here is Mickey’s Monkey from them.

    (Amy, I’ll try my hand at making a collaborative list in the morning, if you don’t mind.)

  2. I heard this on Mark Riley’s show a couple of weeks ago.

    Nick Garrie is a British singer-songwriter who released one album in 1969, which sold very few copies. In the 80s he toured with Leonard Cohen, and latterly he’s played with an unlikely cast of Scottish indie bands (Teenage Fanclub, BMX Bandits, Trembling Bells, Camera Obscura).

    Anyway, I’ve been listening a lot to the album. It’s of its time (not necessarily a bad thing), but has something unique about it, and some really strong songs. A genuine lost gem. Here’s the title track:

  3. Slightly out of season, but I have been helping a friend move some of her dad’s furniture – and his house is in a street called Robin Rocks – so I’ve been singing “Rockin’ Robin” for the last week. Then Gifty Louise covered it on the “X-Factor” last weekend. Looks like she’s enjoying herself, bless her. Twiddly deet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4RinGaBk-c

    • Love that one, their version of ‘Born Under a Bad Sign’ came on my iPod shuffle the other day and I recalled the first time I heard them and imagined that a whole world existed in their instrumental breaks.

  4. Metronomy are a band I saw live a long time ago supporting CSS and liked, they are fans of the band Japan, which I am too. This song from their recent album pays tribute to Mick Karn’s lovely bass playing, but is also woozily appealing in its own right, I think Mick Slow

  5. Ruth – Polaroïd/Roman/Photo
    French synthwave/coldwave (or some such redefined box to fit in) from 1985 – sold at least 20 copies I think – re-discovered my Cold Waves And Minimal Electronics Vol. 1 from half a decade ago and have kinda got soaked in the brass (sample?) – I’ve been extremely melancholy – this fits, without putting me over the edge.


  6. Anti-tune of the week!

    I count Kathleen Hanna as one of my all-time musical heroes and Le Tigre as one of my top ten fave bands, like, evs!

    After nearly ten years away they have re-united for a special one-off single and…….released quite possibly the worst song of the year! Why, Kathleen, why?!

  7. I’ve been listening to this for several weeks now but as It is a tribute from one of the great British songwriters to Bowie and given that most of you probably haven’t heard it yet I thought I’d bung it up !

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